These 3 Amazing Pizza Spots in Lumberton, North Carolina


Welcome to Lumberton, a little piece of pizza heaven! Enjoy your palate as we reveal the city’s top three pizza havens. Every location offers a mouthwatering voyage across Lumberton’s pizza terrain, from wood-fired marvels to traditional New York-style pies.

Come along on a tasty journey as we explore the delicious toppings, melt-in-your-mouth cheeses, and crispy crusts that characterize these must-try pizza treats. Prepare to enjoy the delicious food and gooey sweetness of Lumberton’s best pizza restaurants!

1. Eddie’s Gyros and Pizza

  • Address: 441 S. Main St., Lumberton, TX 77657
  • Phone: (409) 227-4081
  • Desc: Pizza

Many people in Lumberton love Eddie’s, a diner famous for its real Greek food. Every dish at Eddie’s, from the hummus and pita bread to the Greek gyro, shows how good the food is.

Customers praise the general quality of the food, even though there are small problems like the odd piece of tough bread. People love the tastes of the tzatziki, salad sauces, and gyro meat the most. People like the Greek sampling and the chicken gyros with Greek salad.

At a fair price, the diner also serves pizza, French fries, and Philly cheesesteaks. Many people like Eddie’s because the amounts are big and the prices are low. The helpful staff, great customer service, and clean environment all make the eating experience better. Eddie’s offers a unique Greek meal whether you’re from the area or just visiting.

2. Napoli’s Italian Restaurant

  • Address: Lumberton, TX 77657; 900 S Main St # 948
  • Phone: (409) 227-4611
  • Description: Italian and pizza place

The Napolis Italian Restaurant is a wonderful eating experience that is hidden in a small town. The staff is on time, helpful, and polite, making the place feel warm and inviting.

It can be hard to decide which of the many delicious meals on the menu, such as the baked ravioli, combo dish, Chicken Alfredo, Stromboli, and Chicken Caesar Salad. The food, which is served piping hot and full of taste, is even better than expected.

Customization is welcome and makes the eating experience better. Napolis Italian Restaurant is a must-see for anyone in the area who wants real Italian food. Regulars order there every week.

3. Third, Brick Oven Pizza in Lumberton

  • 139 N LHS Dr. Ste 219, Lumberton, TX 77657
  • Phone: (409) 755-4353
  • Pizza, Italian food, and sandwiches

Welcome to our pizzeria, where pizzas are made with love and served hot. We also serve a wide range of other tasty foods, such as salads, calzones, and starters. We’ve had some problems with hiring, but we’re committed to making the eating experience better.

People always say nice things about our food, especially our pizza and queso dip. But because we cook to order, you should be ready for a cool place to wait and maybe a longer wait time. Some people might not like our cinnamon sticks, but the quality and taste of our food will make you come back.

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