Discover the Top 5 Mexican Spots in Lampasas, Texas


Lampasas is a small Texas town that is very hungry for Mexican food. Many original and tasty Mexican restaurants in the town serve a wide range of foods, such as tacos, tamales, enchiladas, and burritos.

You can find something to eat or drink in Lampasas, whether you want a quick bite, a place that is good for families, or a cozy place to enjoy a margarita.

We’d love to hear about your trips to any of these places, whether you’ve been before or are planning your first taste tour. Leave a comment at the end of the story with what you think!

We’d love to hear about your trips to any of these places, whether you’ve been before or are planning your first taste tour.

1. El Frias

  • Address: Lampasas, TX 76550; 904 N Key Ave
  • Phone: (512) 564-5077
  • Desc: Mexican restaurants, breweries, and cocktail bars

This new Mexican restaurant in Lampasas, which used to be called Bill’s Burger, is a great place to eat. It has a nice, casual vibe, quick and friendly service, and a wide range of tasty meals.

Both locals and tourists love the food, especially the Rojo enchiladas, Hatch Chili Chicken Burrito, and different kinds of tasty tacos. Another thing the business does is serve drinks, such as their own “Mexican Lager.”

A new bar room, a big patio for nice weather, and easy parking have been added to the venue. A friendly staff makes sure that every guest is well taken care of, making it a great stop for people who are just going through town.

2. Taco Bell

  • Address: Lampasas, TX 76550; 908 S Key Ave
  • Phone: (512) 556-8528
  • Desc: Mexican, breakfast, and burrito dinner

People in the area love this busy restaurant because it’s known for its quick service and delicious food. The staff is very professional, especially a man with dark hair and an angel wing tattoo who works at both the counter and the drive-thru.

Even during busy times, the service is still friendly and quick, and they can even handle special orders without any problems. The food is always hot, well-made, and much less spicy than it used to be.

People are drawn in by the clear, cooling iced tea and the quick service in general, even though the wait times can go over 30 minutes.

3. Alfredo’s Mexican Restaurant

  • Address: 2202 US Highway 281 S, Lampasas, TX 76550
  • Phone: (512) 556-4447
  • Desc: Mexican or Tex-Mex

Alfredo’s is a Mexican restaurant in Lampasas that comes highly praised for its delicious food, large amounts, and great service.

Discover the Top 5 Mexican Spots in Lampasas, Texas (1)

People from the area and tourists alike like it because it has a clean, simple atmosphere and a commitment to quality that can be seen in every detail. The restaurant is even more charming because it has a beautiful outdoor eating area by the river.

But the business only takes cash, so buyers should make sure they have cash on hand. Even though the service isn’t always perfect, Alfredo’s dedication to making sure guests have a great meal makes it a popular spot in the area.

4. El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

  • Address: Lumasas, TX 76550; 609 Central Texas Expy
  • Phone number:  (512) 556-8757
  • Desc: Mexican restaurant

This cute Mexican restaurant in Lampasas, Texas, serves delicious food and has a nice staff that makes eating there a pleasure. Among other things, the place is famous for its fajita quesadillas and steak tampiqueno.

The food is real Tex-Mex and will make your mouth water. The mood is warm and welcoming, and the great service, even when there aren’t enough workers sometimes, makes it even better.

Even though there have been some problems with bills and orders, the experience has been mostly good and enjoyable. People from all over the area and from other countries love this place for its homemade tortillas, fresh tamales, and carne guisada.

5. Memo’s Mexican Restuarant & Bar

  • Address: Lumasas, TX 76550; 407 Plum St Ste 407
  • Phone: (512) 564-5166
  • Desc: Mexican

People all over Central Texas love Memos. They are famous for their huge breakfast burritos and filled Al pastor tacos. Even though it’s a small business, it has a fun vibe with funny wall decorations and an easy-to-use drive-through for quick pick-ups.

The food, like their famous 5 taco plate and green sauce, always gets great reviews for how good it tastes. But it’s not just about the food; the service, which is sometimes funny because it’s so bad, gives it a special feel.

Memos also serves a range of foods, such as chicken chimichanga and Diablo fajitas, and their cocktails are thought to be some of the best in the area. Customers often come back because the food is good, the prices are fair, and the service is quick, even though there are some small issues with the eating area and service breaks from time to time.

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