Three Virginian Cities Are Giving Away Free Land to People


Have you ever wanted to own land in a gorgeous state like Virginia? Remarkably, there are places in Virginia that give away free land to anybody who comes and establishes and constructs a house. We’ll look at three communities with free land programs and the requirements to get involved in this blog article.

Louisa County

Louisa County

With a population of 37,000, Louisa County is located in central Virginia, approximately one hour away from Richmond and Charlottesville, and offers a picturesque country lifestyle. Under the Louisa County Land Initiative, those who promise to construct a single-family home within two years can receive 1.5-acre lots for free.

The house must have a minimum of 1,400 square feet of living space and adhere to strict quality and architectural standards. Candidates must to have a clean record of credit, a steady source of income, and a desire to get involved in the community. To apply, send the Louisa County Economic Development Authority the application. Their website has further information.



With a population of 600, Scottsville is a small town in Albemarle County that is located about 20 miles south of Charlottesville. It has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. The goal of the Scottsville Residential Incentive Program is to increase the town’s population and revitalize it. For those who commit to build and live in a home for at least five years, the program offers free vacant lots.

A minimum of 1,200 square feet of living area and compliance with architectural and environmental regulations are prerequisites for a home. Candidates must have a dedication to the town’s mission, a stable income, and a solid credit score. Apply via the Scottsville Town Council website; additional details are available there.

Craig County

Craig County

Situated an hour’s drive from Roanoke and Blacksburg in western Virginia, the 5,000-person Craig County offers a rustic and hilly landscape. The Craig County Homeplace Program offers free 5-acre lots to anyone who builds a home and commits to a 10-year residency, with an emphasis on young families and professionals.

A minimum of 1,800 square feet of living area and compliance with energy efficiency and environmental standards are requirements for a home. Candidates should be committed to advancing the county’s growth, have a solid credit history, and make a respectable living. Apply to the Craig County Economic Development Corporation; their website has more information.

Statistical Data:

County/Town Population Location Residential Incentive Program Program Requirements Application Process
Louisa County 37,000 Central Virginia Louisa County Land Initiative – Build a single-family home within two years – 1.5-acre lots for free – House must be a minimum of 1,400 sq. ft. – Clean credit record, stable income, community involvement Apply to Louisa County Economic Development Authority; Website for more information
Scottsville 600 Albemarle County, 20 mi. south of Charlottesville Scottsville Residential Incentive Program – Build and live in a home for at least five years – Free vacant lots – Home must be a minimum of 1,200 sq. ft. – Adherence to architectural and environmental regulations – Dedication to the town’s mission, stable income, solid credit score Apply via the Scottsville Town Council website; Details available on the website
Craig County 5,000 Western Virginia, 1 hr. from Roanoke and Blacksburg Craig County Homeplace Program – Build a home and commit to a 10-year residency – Free 5-acre lots – Home must be a minimum of 1,800 sq. ft. – Compliance with energy efficiency and environmental standards – Commitment to county’s growth, solid credit history, respectable income Apply to Craig County Economic Development Corporation; Website for more information

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These free land opportunities in Virginia come with special benefits, but they also come with requirements. Examine each software to see which best suits your requirements and tastes. Take immediate action because there is a strong demand and a limited supply of free land. Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase land in Virginia and live a very high standard of living.

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