Discover the Top Three Burger Spots in Kerrville, Texas: A Flavorful Journey


Embark on an interesting culinary excursion in Kerrville, Texas, as we reveal three must-try burgers that characterize the town’s culinary environment. Kerrville’s burger scene offers a harmonic combination of tastes, from basic American to inventive variations, ensuring a satisfying experience for all palates.

Join us as we visit three places that have perfected the art of burger-making, providing a symphony of flavors that embodies the spirit of this quaint Texan town. Whether you’re a resident looking for new favorites or a visitor eager to sample Kerrville’s culinary offerings, these burgers are a gourmet symphony waiting to be enjoyed.

1. Classic Burgers And Moore

  • Address: 448 Sidney Baker St S Ste 109, Kerrville, TX 78028 
  • Phone: (830) 257-8866
  • Description: Hamburgers

Classics Burger is a popular Kerrville cafe known for its fresh, hand-pressed cheeseburgers, battered fries, and delicious onion rings. Patrons like the warm, intimate atmosphere and the staff’s Texas-friendly service. It’s a neighborhood favorite, and everyone appears to know each other, which adds to the warm, welcoming vibe.

Whether you’re a regular or making your first visit, Classics Burger provides a personalized burger experience that is guaranteed to wow. It’s a must-see for burger fans, thanks to its old-style burgers and reputation for quality and patience in service.

2. Whataburger

  • Address: 338 Junction Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028 
  • Phone number: (830) 896-3313
  • Description: Fast Food, Burgers

Whataburger, a Texas institution noted for its simplicity and deliciousness, is a popular late-night snack. The burgers are very huge, and the service is consistently quick and courteous. Their smoothies are also highly suggested as a fast lunch. While the restaurant’s hygiene might be improved, the swift service allows for a quick in-and-out experience.

However, some customers have voiced dissatisfaction with wrong orders, substandard fries, and an inconvenient mobile app. Pricing, particularly for little beverages and fries, has sparked criticism. Despite these difficulties, the overall experience is pleasant, making it a destination worth returning.

3. Culver’s

  • Address: 1300 Junction Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028 
  • Phone: (830) 257-7000
  • Description: Burgers, ice cream and frozen yogurt, fast food

Culver’s, a prominent dining establishment, provides a great experience with its friendly service and relaxing setting. Despite its crowded crowd, the restaurant retains a tranquil atmosphere. The menu features a wide range of tasty options, from iconic burgers and crinkle fries to famous custards and ice cream.

The restaurant’s most notable characteristic is its excellent customer service, which compliments the superb food. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular, Culver’s guarantees a pleasant lunch in a welcoming atmosphere. With its reputation for quality and flavor, it’s no surprise that Culver’s is a popular choice for many, whether it’s a Texas tradition or a national phenomenon.


Experience a delicious burger tour of Kerrville, Texas, with three must-try spots. Classic and creative Kerrville burgers offer a symphony of flavors that please every pallet. Each restaurant adds a particular flavor to Kerrville’s cuisine, from Classics Burgers’ local charm to Whataburger’s simplicity and Culver’s joy. These burger spots provide a gourmet symphony that will wow locals and visitors alike.

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