Here Are the Top Four BBQ Spots in Terrell That Will Impress You


Enjoy a tasty trip through Terrell, Texas, as we show you the top four BBQ spots that make the town’s food scene unique. The barbecue scene in Terrell is a mixture of smoky smells, soft meats, and sauces that will please any taste bud. Come with us to find out what real Texas barbecue is all about, and see how pitmasters can turn everyday cuts of meat into culinary wonders.

These four places offer a delightful journey for both locals and tourists wanting a taste of Terrell’s barbecue excellence, ranging from traditional favorites to new creations. Get ready to enjoy the unique tastes that make Terrell a great place for barbecue fans.

1. Cole Mountain Catering and Restaurant

  • Address: 419 E Moore Ave, Terrell, TX 75160
  • Phone: (972) 524-0498
  • Desc: Barbecues and steakhouses

Welcome to our great restaurant, where the food is always great and the company is always interesting. Our menu has many tasty items, such as the best Fried Okra and a Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad that stands out. We are famous for our juicy Ribeye and delicious Chicken Fried steak.

People love our homemade ranch dressing, and we’re proud of how nice and helpful our staff is. We promise you’ll be happy with our fair prices and large amounts. The diner is in Terrell and has an interesting story about a possibly haunted basement that will add a bit of wonder to your meal.

2. Soulman’s  Bar-B-Que

  • Address: 1081 Fm 148, Terrell, TX 75160
  • Phone: (972) 551-2334
  • Desc: BBQ (description)

People who are traveling and want to try real Texas BBQ often stop at Soulman’s BBQ in Terrell. Some problems with cleaning and upkeep aside, the restaurant has many meals that people love, especially the ribs, pulled pork, cole slaw, and double barrel potato with brisket and spicy BBQ sauce. People say the food is good, but not great.

The BBQ is thought to be some of the best in the area, especially when ordered “MOIST.” The fast service from the staff and the low prices of the food add to the general draw. Still, some customers say that the place could use some work when it comes to maintenance and service.

3. Oscar’s Barbeque Catering

  • Address: 431 Roosevelt Ave, Terrell, TX 75160
  • Phone: (972) 563-8707
  • Desc: Caterer

This unique place has a nice and friendly vibe, and the staff’s friendliness is just as impressive as the food they serve. The place is famous for its great guy, who is the heart and soul of the business, and the wonderful group of kind people who visit it. A meal here isn’t just a meal; it’s a memorable event with great food and great people.

4. Hickory Roots BBQ

  • Address: 705 E Moore Ave, Terrell, TX 75160 
  • Phone: (972) 563-3375
  • Desc: BBQ (description)

This place serves a wide range of delicious BBQ meals, but its Ribs, Brisket, and Jalapeño Sausage are especially well-known. The large portions and excellent service from workers who are friendly and willing to help make for a pleasant meal.

The restaurant’s prices are fair for the high-quality BBQ it serves, and the sides, like coleslaw, potato salad, and fried okra, are also very tasty. The BBQ sauce and ideally toasted bread make the meal even better. Even though there are some problems with management, this is a great place for BBQ fans because of the quality of the food and service.


Discovering the town’s top four BBQ places that define its culinary identity. From delectable ribs to savory brisket, these venues highlight the talent of pitmasters who transform ordinary cuts into gastronomic miracles.

Whether you’re a native looking for a new favorite location or a visitor looking for a true Texas BBQ, these establishments offer a memorable experience. Traditional favorites mix with inventive inventions, resulting in a varied spectrum of tastes that make Terrell a BBQ hotspot. Prepare to sample the distinct flavors that define Terrell’s BBQ culture.

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