This Town in Pennsylvania Has Been Named the Most Violent Town in the State


Pennsylvania may be the eleventh safest state in the United States, but it also includes some of the most hazardous cities. While Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest and most well-known city, has its fair share of crime, it is hardly the most dangerous. In reality, many of Pennsylvania’s most dangerous cities are tiny, underpopulated, and inconspicuous.

According to FBI data, the most violent city in Pennsylvania is Darby, a town of around 10,667 inhabitants in Delaware County. Darby has a crime index of 4, making it safer than only 4% of other US communities. Darby citizens have a one-in-70 risk of being victims of violent crimes such as assault, rape, robbery, or murder. Darby also has a high poverty rate of 28.2%, which is linked to its crime rate.

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What Makes Darby so Dangerous?

Darby is a town that has struggled for many years. It was once a thriving manufacturing center, but it plummeted following the Great Depression and never recovered. Darby has suffered from unemployment, poverty, narcotics, gangs, and corruption. Many of the structures and infrastructure are decrepit or neglected. Darby also lacks resources and services, including police, education, health care, and recreation.

Darby’s crime problem isn’t new. In 2015, Darby was named as Pennsylvania’s second most dangerous city, after only Chester. In 2018, Darby was ranked one of America’s 100 most dangerous cities. In 2020, Darby had 152 recorded violent crimes, including 3 murders, 15 rapes, 46 robberies, and 88 assaults. Darby also committed 328 property offenses, including burglary, theft, and car theft.

What is Being Done to Improve Darby’s Safety?

Despite the dire circumstances, Darby is not despairing. There are some attempts underway to improve the town’s safety and quality of life. For example, in 2019, the state awarded Darby a $1 million grant to restore the downtown area and attract new companies and people.

Darby also collaborated with the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office to develop Operation Safe Streets, a crime prevention effort designed to reduce violence and drug trafficking in the town. In addition, various community organizations and clubs are attempting to improve Darby.

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For example, the Darby Borough Community Development Corporation (DBCDC) is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of programs and services to Darby citizens, including youth mentorship, senior care, food bank, and housing aid. The DBCDC also organizes events and activities to encourage civic participation and social solidarity in the municipality.


In summary, while Pennsylvania is the tenth safest state overall, several of its smaller communities confront serious crime issues. Darby, with a population of around 10,667, emerges as the most dangerous city in the state. Darby’s crime problem is exacerbated by historical economic hardship, unemployment, poverty, and a lack of resources. Despite persistent issues, joint efforts, such as grants and crime prevention projects, seek to improve safety and quality of life in Darby.

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