This Town in North Carolina Has Been Named the Most Violent Town in the State


Towns are not all the same when it comes to crime numbers. Some places are better than others and places are known for having a lot of crime. The FBI’s most recent data shows that Lumberton, a small city of about 20,000 people in Robeson County, is the most dangerous place in North Carolina.

Why is Lumberton so Dangerous?

The serious crime rate in Lumberton is 1,778 per 100,000 people, which is more than four times the national rate of 366. Also, there were 27 murders in the town in 2023, which is 135 per 100,000 people. This is the highest rate in the state. That’s 25 times the normal level of 5 in the country. There are also a lot of rapes, thefts, and serious assaults in the town.

Lumberton’s violence is caused by many things, including poverty, unemployment, drug abuse, gang activity, and tensions between black and white people. There are not many wealthy people in Lumberton. The average family income in the state is $57,341, so this town is one of the poorest in the state. A lot of people are also out of work in this town (9.7%), which is higher than the state average of 4.6%.

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About 38% of the people who live in Lumberton are Native American. This is followed by African Americans (36%), and then whites (24%). Different groups in the town don’t trust and get along with each other because of a past of racial discrimination and segregation.

Because it is near Interstate 95, which is a major route for moving drugs from Florida to New York, Lumberton is also a center for drug crime. Opioid abuse is a big problem in the town, which has led to more crime and violence. There are also some gangs in Lumberton, including the Bloods, the Crips, and the Folk Nation. These groups fight over territory, shoot people, and rob people.

What is Being Done to Make Lumberton a Safer Place?

The Lumberton police are aware of the town’s crime problem and are using a variety of methods to try to solve it. The town has hired more agents, made more police officers, and spent money on new technology and tools. The police have also worked together with federal and state agencies like the FBI, the DEA, and the SBI on joint investigations and operations. To get people to trust and work with the police, they have also started community policing programs like neighborhood watch, crime prevention classes, and social events.

The town has also gotten funds and money from the Governor’s Crime Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help with its attempts to cut down on crime. The town has used these funds to make high-crime areas safer by adding more lighting, cameras, and security, helping low-income families find housing, and setting up job chances and training programs for teens and young adults who are at risk.

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The town has also worked with many neighborhood groups, like schools, churches, companies, and nonprofits, to encourage peace and harmony between different groups. Festivities, parades, music, and sports are just some of the things that the town has planned to celebrate its culture and variety. The town has also backed projects and programs like drug treatment, therapy, mediation, and training to help both victims and offenders of violence.


In conclusion, Lumberton, North Carolina, is ranked as the most hazardous city in the state, with high crime rates linked to causes such as poverty, unemployment, drug misuse, and past racial tensions. Law enforcement activities include more officers, technology enhancements, and coordination with federal and state authorities. Community efforts and financing try to address fundamental issues, improve safety measures, and promote peace among the town’s varied populations.

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