This Town in Florida Has Been Named the Stressed City in the State


Florida is well-known for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and cultural variety, but not all of the Sunshine State is a stress-free utopia. Zippia’s latest study found that stress levels varied by city in Florida.

How The Study Was Conducted

Zippia, a job services website, measured stress levels in several locations by looking at typical weekly working hours, travel times, and income-to-home price ratios. This study included data from the United States Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as 30 critical criteria. These variables included unemployment rates, poverty rates, divorce rates, crime rates, suicide rates, debt levels, and health insurance coverage.

Florida’s Most Stressful City

The survey found that Lantana, in Palm Beach County, is Florida’s most stressed city. This community, with over 12,000 people, has an overall B grade on Niche, a website that provides neighborhood, school, and business evaluations.

Lantana’s high stress levels can be related to numerous factors:

  • Residents in Lantana work an average of 42 hours each week.
  • The typical commute in the city lasts 27 minutes.
  • Income to Home Price Ratio: The ratio is 3.6, which means that the median home price is 3.6 times the typical
  • household income. This causes a tremendous financial burden for the residents.
  • These data suggest that Lantana’s population has increased work-related stress, financial hardship, and housing pressure.

Other Stressed Cities in Florida

Lantana is not alone in its stress levels; the survey found numerous other stressed cities in Florida, including:

  • Hialeah (ranked 18th overall) has the greatest poverty rate (24.2%) and the state’s lowest health insurance coverage (63.9%).
  • Orlando (ranked 35th overall) has the highest divorce rate (16.8%) and crime rate (5,121 per 100,000 population) of any Florida city.
  • Tampa (ranked 43rd overall) has the highest unemployment rate (10.4%) and the second-highest crime rate (4,262 per 100,000 people) in Florida.

The Least Stressed City in Florida

The survey found that Pembroke Pines, in Broward County, is Florida’s least stressed city. With almost 170,000 residents, it has an overall A rating on Niche.

The elements that contribute to Pembroke Pines’ low-stress levels are as follows:

  • Residents in Pembroke Pines work an average of 38 hours each week.
  • The typical commute takes only 23 minutes.
  • Income to Home Price Ratio: With a ratio of 4.8, the median home price is 4.8 times the typical household income, indicating less financial hardship.
  • These data suggest that Pembroke Pines inhabitants suffer less work-related stress, financial strain, and housing stress.


According to Zippia’s report on stress levels in Florida, Lantana is the most stressed city because of its long commutes, long work hours, and high living costs. Other towns that are under a lot of stress are Hialeah, Orlando, and Tampa. When it comes to work hours, travel, and stress, Pembroke Pines stands out as the place with the least of it.

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