This City in Florida Has Been Named the Most Dangerous City to Live


Some of the most dangerous towns in the country are in Florida, a state that is known for attracting tourists and retirees. The most recent crime statistics from the FBI show that Florida is the third most dangerous state in the U.S.

There are 4.88 serious crimes for every 1,000 people who live there, and 21.46 property crimes for every 1,000 people who live there. But the crime rates in some cities in Florida are higher than the state averages. This makes those cities less appealing places to live or visit.

What Factors Are Used to Choose the Most Dangerous City?

There are many ways to figure out how dangerous a place is, but the crime index rating is one of the most popular. Compared to the national average, this rating takes into account both the amount and severity of crimes recorded in a place. A place is more dangerous if its crime index score is higher. The average crime index score across the country is 2,476.7.

Which City Has the Highest Crime Index Rating in Florida?

The most recent information from Neighborhood Scout, a site that tracks crime and gives information about neighborhoods, says that Mangonia Park is Florida’s most dangerous city. The crime index ranking for this town in Palm Beach County, which has 2,119 people, is out of this world at 14,056.

This score is more than four times the national average and almost four times the average score for places in the U.S. This means that Mangonia Park is only 0.3% better than other towns in the U.S.

What Kinds of Crimes Happen in Mangonia Park and How Often Do They Happen?

Both physical and property crimes happen at very high rates in Mangonia Park. Murder, rape, robbery, and attack are all examples of violent crimes. Burglary, theft, and auto theft are examples of property crimes.

Mangonia Park has a serious crime rate of 22.58 per 1,000 people per year, which is 4.6 times higher than the state average and 5 times higher than the national average. At 97.64 cases per 1,000 people per year, the property crime rate is also very high. It is 4.5 times higher than the state average and 4.6 times higher than the national average.

What Crimes Occur at Mangonia Park and How Often?

Mangonia Park isn’t the only Florida place that has to deal with high crime rates. A lot of other places in the state have crime index scores higher than 10,000. Some of these places are Opa Locka (10,556), Lake City (11,506), Florida City (12,987), and Riviera Beach (10,719).

Different websites, such as Travelsafe Abroad and Upgraded Home, also say that these towns are some of the most dangerous in Florida. Notably, Florida’s bigger and better-known places like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville also have high crime rates, though not as bad as those in Mangonia Park or smaller towns.

What Makes Mangonia Park Different From Other Deadly Florida Cities?

The high crime rate in Mangonia Park, like in any other place, is caused by several things. Some of these factors are poverty, unemployment, level of schooling, drug use, gang activity, police involvement, and how well the community works together. The 2019 Census shows that 32% of people in Mangonia Park live in poverty, which is more than double the state average of 13.6%.

Another difference is that the town’s jobless rate is 7.4%, while the state average is 3.4%. Also, the typical family income in Mangonia Park is only $28,750, which is less than half of the median income in Florida, which is $59,227. Only 71% of people in the town have a high school diploma or higher, compared to 88% of adults in Florida. This is lower than the state rate.

What Are Some Ways That Mangonia Park Can Have Less Crime?

To deal with crime in Mangonia Park or any city, you need a broad, collaborative method that includes a lot of different groups and interests. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Increased Police Presence and Neighborhood Policing: Make police more visible to keep crooks away and build trust in the neighborhood.
  • Social Services and Programs: Provide more social services and programs that try to address the main reasons behind crime, such as unemployment, poverty, drug abuse, mental health problems, and violence in the home.
  • Education and Job Chances: To help people get better skills and find work, improve education and job chances for both teens and adults.
  • Training Programs: Start training programs to help at-risk teens and young adults find good role models and advice, which will keep them from joining gangs or doing illegal things.
  • Leisure and Cultural Activities: To make people feel like they belong and are proud of their town, add more leisure and cultural activities.
  • Civic Engagement: Tell people in your area to get more involved in their communities and work with you to solve problems.


Florida faces the sobering fact of being the third most hazardous state in the United States, with high crime rates. Mangonia Park appears as the most dangerous city, with an amazing crime index score. High rates of violent and property crimes indicate underlying concerns such as poverty, unemployment, and educational inequality.

Collaborative measures that include greater police presence, social services, education, employment opportunities, training programs, and community participation are critical for tackling and reducing crime in Mangonia Park and other communities.

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