This School in California Has Been Named the Worst College


California, with over 750 colleges, universities, and technical schools, offers a comprehensive range of educational institutions catering to individuals with a variety of professional goals. However, not all of these establishments achieve the necessary educational criteria.

According to Education.Alot, California College San Diego is the worst college in the state.

Overview of California College, San Diego

California College San Diego (CCSD), founded in 1978, is a private university in San Diego. It now has an enrollment of 1,299 students. CCSD, despite its long history and large student body, has been named one of America’s worst colleges by The College Scorecard.

What Factors Influence Its Negative Ranking?

CCSD’s bad status is mostly due to low graduation rates and high tuition expenses. Currently, the university has a graduation rate of only 36%, and the exact causes for this remain unknown. This might be due to competition from adjacent institutions or higher tuition rates.

Data show that students graduate with an average debt of $31,884. Only 79% of students have found work two years after graduation, with a typical post-graduate pay of $39,800 after six years.

Other Low-Ranked Colleges in California

While CCSD stands out as the worst, other California universities also receive dismal marks. These include California State University Chico, California State University Northridge, DeVry University, and American InterContinental University. These colleges have similar features, including low graduation rates, large student loan debt, and poor job placement rates.


In conclusion, within California’s extensive educational landscape, California College San Diego stands out adversely due to poor graduation rates, high tuition costs, and troubling post-graduate statistics.

Its negative score on The College Scorecard is the consequence of these criteria, which indicate issues with academic performance and student outcomes. Unfortunately, it is not alone; numerous other California universities have expressed similar concerns, underscoring the need for extensive examinations and adjustments in the state’s higher education system.

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