Discover the City With the Highest Weed Consumption in Virginia


Virginia is one of the most recent states to legalize recreational cannabis, and it is rapidly becoming a favorite destination for marijuana fans. But which city in Virginia consumes the most weed? Richmond, the state’s capital city, has the status.

In 2023, Richmond was responsible for approximately 30% of all adult-use cannabis sales in Virginia. This is most likely due to a variety of variables, including Richmond’s huge population, diversified demographics, and closeness to Washington, D.C., which has already legalized recreational cannabis.

Virginia’s Cannabis Consumer Landscape

The Virginia Cannabis Control Board’s 2023 research found that the average Richmond resident smokes more than 12 grams of cannabis per month. This is more than double the national average of 6.8 grams each month. Richmond is not Virginia’s only city with a high cannabis usage rate. Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Arlington are all cities with high cannabis usage rates. The table below compares cannabis use (grams per month per capita) in Virginia’s top five cities.

City weed use (grams per month per person)

Weed Consumption (Grams per month per capita)
Richmond, VA 12.2
Virginia Beach, VA 11.6
Norfolk, VA 11.2
Arlington, VA 10.8
Alexandria, VA 10.4

Virginia’s cannabis consumption scene is still changing, but it is obvious that the state supports recreational cannabis. In 2023, Virginia had more than 100 licensed cannabis stores, with adult-use cannabis sales exceeding $500 million. The bulk of cannabis usage in Virginia happens in metropolitan regions, with Richmond leading the way.

Richmond Has the Highest Weed Use in Virginia

Richmond is Virginia’s most populated city, with about 230,000 residents. It is also a diverse city, with a sizable African American community and an increasing number of young professionals. Richmond is also a famous tourist destination, noted for its rich history and thriving cultural scene. All of these variables lead to Richmond’s heavy cannabis use.

Why Does Richmond Have the Highest Weed Consumption?

There are several reasons why Richmond has the greatest cannabis use in Virginia. One explanation is that Richmond is a huge, varied city. Richmond is home to people from many walks of life, many of whom like cannabis. Richmond’s high cannabis use can also be attributed to the city’s popularity among tourists.

Many tourists visit Richmond to see the city’s distinct culture and history, and many of them enjoy smoking cannabis while there. Finally, Richmond is near Washington, D.C., which has legalized recreational cannabis. Many Washington, D.C. residents go to Richmond to legally acquire cannabis, contributing to the city’s high pot usage rate.

The Impact of Weed Consumption in Richmond

The legalization of recreational cannabis has benefited Richmond. Cannabis sales have produced millions of dollars in tax money, which has been utilized to finance some initiatives and services around the city. For example, certain tax income has been set aside for public education, substance misuse prevention, social fairness projects, and public health. Cannabis legalization has also resulted in new job and business prospects in the city, as well as a reduction in the criminal justice system’s workload.

What to Do in Richmond While High

Richmond is a city with plenty of attractions and activities for cannabis consumers. Richmond provides something for everyone, whether they enjoy art, music, nature, or history. Here are some of the activities you can do in Richmond while high:

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts houses a collection of approximately 40,000 artworks from diverse cultures and times. You may view the paintings, sculptures, pottery, and textiles, as well as visit the outdoor sculpture garden and café. Listen to live music at one of Richmond’s many venues, including The National, The Broadberry, The Camel, and The Tin Pan. There are many different genres to choose from, including rock, jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop, reggae, and techno.

Explore the James River Park System, which spans over 550 acres along the James River. The park offers hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and picnicking opportunities, as well as animal viewing and historical attractions.

Learn about Richmond’s history at the American Civil War Museum, which has three venues around the city. Exhibits, relics, and papers depict the Civil War from a variety of views. Enjoy wonderful meals at one of Richmond’s many restaurants, which provide a variety of cuisines and flavors. Southern, BBQ, and seafood are all available, as are Asian, Mexican, and Italian cuisines.


Finally, Richmond, Virginia, has emerged as the state’s cannabis consumption hotspot, with citizens using marijuana at the greatest rate. Richmond tops Virginia’s cannabis scene for a variety of reasons, including its diversified population, prominence as the state capital, and proximity to Washington, D.C.

The city’s acceptance of recreational cannabis has not only boosted its lively cultural scene, but it has also produced considerable tax income, which has been used to fund a variety of programs and services. As Richmond continues to prosper as a cannabis-friendly city, the impact on tourism and the local economy is significant.

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