This Maryland City Has the Highest Gun Ownership in the U.S.


One city in the heart of Maryland stands out for an unusual and contentious reason: it possesses the most guns in the United States. Despite its beautiful charm and historical significance, this city has become synonymous with gun ownership, which surprises both inhabitants and visitors.

The large quantity of firearms per capita has spurred debates about safety, rights, and laws, shedding light on the community’s distinct connection with guns. As law police and legislators consider the ramifications, city inhabitants negotiate daily life with a combination of pride and concern. Welcome to the unidentified city, where an abundance of weaponry defines its identity and feeds constant debates over security and liberty.

The Landscape of Gun Ownership

Before we get into the minutiae, consider the bigger picture. The Midwest and West regions of the United States have greater gun ownership rates, whereas the Northeast has the lowest number of gun owners. Gun ownership is more common in rural homes, and men are more likely to own firearms than women.

Maryland’s Gun Ownership Landscape

Maryland, a state recognized for its distinct urban and suburban sections, has a variety of firearm ownership trends. But one city jumps out: Baltimore. Let’s investigate why.

Baltimore is the city with the highest gun ownership rate.

According to recent data, Baltimore, Maryland has the state’s highest gun ownership rate. Although specific figures are difficult to obtain due to unregistered firearms, we can gain insights from accessible data:

  • Federal Licenses in 2021: Baltimore has the most federally registered guns in the state, including short-barreled shotguns, rifles, and machine guns. These permits apply to a subset of weapons, excluding standard handguns and AR-15s.
  • Insights from the RAND Corporation: While federal licenses provide one perspective, the RAND Corporation estimates that about 14.8% of individuals in Maryland live in households with at least one gun. Baltimore’s metropolitan setting most certainly adds to this figure.

Why Baltimore?

There are several variables that contribute to Baltimore’s high gun ownership rate:

  • Urban Environment: Baltimore presents unique issues in terms of crime, safety, and self-defense. Residents may feel obligated to possess firearms for defense.
  • Historical Context: Baltimore has a long history of violence and social instability. These historical events may have influenced attitudes regarding gun ownership.

Cultural and sociological factors influence individual gun ownership decisions.

What are the primary reasons for Maryland’s high gun ownership rate?

Maryland’s high gun ownership percentage can be ascribed to a variety of variables. While no single explanation jumps out, a number of factors contribute to the state’s relatively high incidence of gun ownership.

1. Hunting Culture: Maryland has a strong hunting culture, which increases the demand for firearms. Many locals hunt as a recreational pastime, which contributes to a greater rate of firearm ownership.

2. Firearm Availability: The state’s closeness to Washington, D.C., as well as the existence of numerous major military facilities, increase the availability of firearms, making it simpler for individuals to obtain and acquire guns.

3. Gun Control regulations: Maryland’s gun control regulations are relatively severe, which may motivate some citizens to own firearms for personal defense or protection.

4. Family and Community Factors: According to research, homes with children are more inclined to own guns for self-defense and protection, which could explain Maryland’s higher gun ownership rate.

5. Perceived Safety: Despite overwhelming evidence that handgun ownership increases the risk of gun violence, many Americans, including Maryland residents, believe that having a firearm in the home makes the family safer. These factors help to explain Maryland’s much higher gun ownership rate than the national average.


Baltimore, Maryland, is known for its high gun ownership rate, which reflects the city’s complex relationship with firearms. Concerns about crime, self-defense, historical context, and a strong hunting culture all contribute to ongoing arguments regarding gun safety and regulation. As inhabitants navigate these interactions, the city’s identity remains inextricably linked to its abundant handgun presence, emphasizing the delicate balance of security and liberty.

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