This Haunted Park in Florida Locals Called the Dead Children’s Playground


Florida is recognized for its beautiful beaches, theme parks, and natural treasures. But there is a darker side to the Sunshine State, where certain locations are plagued by spirits from the past. Locals refer to a park in Jacksonville, Florida, as the Dead Children’s Playground.

History of the Park

The park is located on the grounds of Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville’s oldest and largest cemetery. The cemetery was founded in 1881 and spans more than 100 acres of land. Many well-known people are buried there, including James Weldon Johnson, Eartha White, and A. Philip Randolph.

The park was created in the 1950s to offer a recreational area for the children of cemetery employees and tourists. It has a swing set, slide, merry-go-round, and sandbox. The park is bordered by trees and gravestones, emphasizing the difference between the living and the deceased.

The Hauntings in the Park

According to local mythology, the park is haunted by the ghosts of children who died tragically or violently. Some of them are thought to be the victims of a serial murderer who kidnapped and murdered many youngsters in the 1960s before burying their remains in the cemetery. Others are supposed to be the children who died from illnesses, accidents, or maltreatment and were buried in unmarked or mass graves.

The most powerful paranormal activity in the park occurs at night, particularly between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Visitors have described seeing spheres of light, hearing children’s laughter and screams, feeling cold spots and touching, and watching the swings and merry-go-round move independently. Some claim to have seen apparitions of youngsters playing or hiding in the park.

The Mystery of the Park

Ghost hunters, adrenaline seekers, and curious visitors have visited the area to experience the gloomy atmosphere and strange happenings. However, the park has also sparked criticism and discussion. Some people feel that the park is a sacred place where children’s souls may rest and rejoice.

They contend that the park should be protected and valued as a historical and cultural site. Others think that the park is cursed, with the children’s spirits trapped and tortured. They believe that the park should be removed and replaced with a monument or garden.

The park’s fate is unknown, as cemetery officials have made no formal announcement on its status or future. The park is now available to the public, however, access is limited after dark. Visitors are encouraged to use caution and respect before visiting the park, as they may face more than they expected.

Final Words

Finally, Florida’s lovely Evergreen Cemetery, home of the Dead Children’s Playground, creates a frightening tapestry of history and myth. Among the spooky stories and strange happenings, the park serves as a fascinating crossroads, sparking arguments about preservation and superstition. The park’s fate remains unknown, forcing visitors to walk carefully and consider the spectral secrets therein.

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