This City in Florida Has Been Named One of the Coolest Places to Live in America


Florida is well-known for its warm weather, stunning beaches, and numerous attractions. But did you know that some of the most exciting locations to live in America aren’t in Miami or Orlando? According to Scholaroo, a nonprofit educational research firm and scholarship website engine, Naples, Florida is the greatest place to live in the United States in 2023. Here are a few reasons why Naples is an excellent place to live.

Health care

Scholaroo looked at 151 towns and found that Naples has the most hospitals and public schools. A lot of people like living in the city, and crime is very low. People who live in Naples have access to great healthcare facilities and services, and they also live good lives.


Naples is also a popular place for schooling. The city is home to numerous notable institutions and colleges, including the University of South Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Nova Southeastern University. Naples also has a high number of college graduates and a low unemployment rate.


Naples has a robust economy, which contributes to its high level of living. The city is home to several successful enterprises and industries, including tourism, real estate, banking, technology, and manufacturing. Naples also has a lower cost of living than other large cities in the United States, making it more affordable for many individuals.


Naples provides several entertainment opportunities for both inhabitants and visitors. The city boasts several cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, theaters, and festivals. Naples also features some of the top shopping centers and boutiques in Florida, offering everything from premium brands to local crafts. If you enjoy nature and adventure, you may visit the adjacent Everglades National Park or one of the several golf courses in the vicinity.

Final Words

Finally, Florida’s beautiful Evergreen Cemetery, which is home to the Dead Children’s Playground, is a scary web of history and legend. There are scary stories and strange events that happen in the park, which acts as a mysterious hub for discussions about religion and preservation. The park’s future is still unknown, so guests should be careful and think about the ghostly secrets inside.

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