This City in Washington Has Been Named the Highest Violent Crime Rates in U.S


Washington is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and has a population of about 7.6 million people. It is known for its beautiful nature, cutting-edge technology, and progressive political climate. People like Bill Gates, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain were born in the state.

Even though Washington has many good points, it also has a problem that worries people: a lot of serious crime. The FBI says that for every 100,000 people in Washington, there were 284.4 serious crimes, which is more than the national rate of 366.7. This group includes crimes like murder, rape, robbery, and severe attack, which hurt people and society physically, emotionally, and financially.

A website for job seekers called Zippia looked at serious crime rates in all of Washington’s towns and found that Tacoma had the highest rate. With a population of about 221,000, Tacoma had the 13th highest rate of violent crimes in the country in 2018, with 867 crimes happening for every 100,000 people. That means that one out of every 115 residents had a violent crime that year.

Tacoma’s Distinctive Statistics:

jobless: The jobless rate in Tacoma is 5.9%, which is higher than the state and national standards of 4.5% and 3.9%.

Hours worked: The usual workweek in Tacoma is 42 hours, which is longer than the 39.4-hour state average and the 38.6-hour national average.

Commute times: The average commute for people in Tacoma is 18 minutes, which is longer than the state and national standards of 16.7 and 16.4 minutes.

Income-to-home-price ratio: Tacoma’s ratio of 16.17% is lower than the state and national rates of 18.8% and 21.1%, respectively. This suggests that people may have trouble affording property.

The percentage of uninsured people in Tacoma is 15.9%, which is higher than the state and national averages of 10.7% and 8.9%, respectively. This could make it harder for people to get medical care.

What Causes Violence in Tacoma and What Happens as a Result?

Individual Causes: Mental illness, drug abuse, poverty, and group pressure are some of the psychological, biological, social, and physical factors that can lead to violence.

Individual Consequences: Violence has effects on people’s bodies, emotions, minds, and behaviors, such as bruises, stress, self-harm, and drug abuse.

societal causes: things like colonialism, racism, and injustice, as well as historical, political, economic, and legal factors, make it possible for violence to happen.

Effects on Society: Violence has effects on society as a whole, affecting things like freedom and human rights, as well as safety, security, and growth.

Things That Can Be Done to Make Tacoma Less Violent:

To stop the bloodshed in Tacoma, the government, law enforcement, society, and business all need to work together. Important parts include:

Prevention: Using methods like teaching, efforts to raise awareness, and changes to policies to lower the chance and occurrence of violence.

Responding: Giving clients a wide range of support services, such as medical, legal, and psychological help, and holding offenders responsible.

Action: Using action, lobbying, and education to get people and groups to fight against the structures and cultures of society that keep violence going.


Tacoma, Washington, has a high crime rate, notably for serious offenses. With a rate higher than the national average, Tacoma faces obstacles such as unemployment, long work hours, commute concerns, and income-to-home price disparities. Mental health issues, drug misuse, and societal pressures are also contributing causes. Government, law enforcement, community, and industry must work together to avoid violence, respond to it, and create cultural change in Tacoma, encouraging safety, awareness, and support.

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