Discover 10 Most Dangerous Areas in Utah for 2024


Southwest Journal identified the top ten most dangerous areas in Utah in 2024 based on crime statistics. They examined FBI data on property crimes and significant crimes in areas with populations above 5,000. Not only are these regions unsafe, but they also lack sufficient employment, funds, and services to assist people.

Some Utah residents are unaware of their financial wealth. According to the survey, South Salt Lake is the most hazardous area due to the high number of thefts, gunfire, and robberies. The threat is not in a sports movie but in the news at 6 p.m.

1. West Valley

West Valley is Utah’s sixth most hazardous area. There are five times as many serious offenses against women as against males. West Valley isn’t as awful as it used to be, but it was horrible before. Sierra Newbold, who was six years old, died here in 2012.

2. Murray

The fourth-most hazardous location in Utah is south of Salt Lake City. Because it is the third most crime-prone area, you are more likely to have your belongings stolen or damaged. Murray has an 8/10 Livability Index, however, it is dangerous to live there due to the frequency of sexual assaults.

3. Roosevelt

Many individuals have perished there. These types of crimes occur more frequently in the region. Trump was saddened when Loretta Jones died in 1970.

4. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah, is the second most hazardous city in the United States. It offers a stunning landscape, but in 2020, it had the second-highest number of significant crimes. Cars are frequently stolen, so use caution.

5. South Salt Lake

Some areas are safer than South Salt Lake. The amount of property thefts is the same as last year. However, there are more crimes against people. Crimes such as theft, sexual assault, and murder are more common in South Salt Lake than elsewhere in Utah. People should use caution when visiting parks.

6. Tooele

Fires and break-ins make Utah the seventh most dangerous state. This community in central Utah is home to 36,527 residents. People rate it as an 8/10 place to live, yet there is a lot of crime where I reside.

7. Park City

This is where the Sundance Film Festival takes place. It is Utah’s ninth most hazardous location, therefore break-ins are more likely to occur. Since Uta von Schwedler died in 2011, Park City’s art culture has deteriorated.

8. Riverdale

Riverdale, in Ogden, is Utah’s sixth most hazardous location. It is presently the sixth most dangerous state for crime, primarily auto theft. Many of the situations are not genuine. More frequently, items break and are stolen. Playing golf may lower your 7/10 Livability Index.

9. Moab

People like Moab, despite its small size. There’s a lot of criminality there. Things are getting worse in Utah’s sixth-most hazardous area. A lot of attacks against women occur in communities around the state. Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner are two individuals who have perished. I got married in 2021. Moab’s narrative concludes on a tragic note.

10. Ogden

It is beneficial to live with relatives. This city was formerly considered safe, but it is now Utah’s sixth most hazardous. It’s not pleasant to live there, and automobiles are often smashed into and stolen. People are still terrified, even though Ogden has less crime and property damage than South Salt Lake.

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