This City in Colorado Has Been Named the Most Miserable in the State


People love Colorado for its beautiful mountains, lively towns, and fun things to do outside. But not all of the state is a paradise. Travel A Lot just put out a list of the worst cities in Colorado. The place that stands out is Pueblo.

What Makes Pueblo so Miserable?

Travel A Lot asked the U.S. Census Bureau and AreaVibes to help them make a list of the worst towns in every state. Some of the things that were looked at were income, unemployment, poverty, crime, facilities, and quality of life.

In almost every way, Pueblo got a bad grade. The wealth per person is $20,427, which is less than the average across the country. It has a 28% higher jobless rate and a 25% higher poverty rate than the rest of the country. It’s also 155% more common for crimes to happen in Pueblo than in the rest of the country, and serious crimes are 161% more common.

There are also a lot of things that other Colorado places have that make Pueblo less appealing. In the city, there aren’t many places to have fun, relax, learn, or experience culture. Living in Pueblo is not very good, as measured by things like weather, air quality, health, and getting around.

Is Pueblo Still a Possibility?

There are some nice things about Pueblo and ways it could grow. The city has a long and interesting past that goes back to its days as a trading post and a steel town. Some of the best places to visit in Pueblo are the Pueblo Zoo, the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk, and the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.

With a lot of Hispanic and Native American people living there, Pueblo also has a strong and diverse society. Pueblo is trying to improve its income and image by luring in new tourists, companies, and industries. The aerospace industry is being developed, the green energy industry is being grown, and the arts and culture scene is being supported. Pueblo is also putting money into making its schools, roads, and public safety better.


To sum up, Pueblo, Colorado, has been named one of the worst towns in the state because of its low income, high unemployment, high crime rates, and lack of services. Even with these problems, Pueblo still has a lot of historical and cultural importance, and people are still working to bring in tourists, companies, and industries, which shows that the city could grow and get better in the future.

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