Here is the Most Haunted Road in Minnesota May Give You Nightmares


Are you looking for a thrilling experience in Minnesota? Consider taking a trip along Timber Lake Road, a meandering rural road tucked in the wooded wetlands of Sibley State Park. This road is the most haunted roadway in the state, with a terrible and horrific story behind it.

The Story of Mother and Her Children

According to legend, a mother and her children formerly lived in a modest home along Timber Lake Road. The mother returned home one terrible day to find her darling children brutally murdered by an unknown culprit. She committed suicide, hanging from a nearby tree, consumed with grief and hatred, and promising to punish her kids. Her restless ghost is claimed to have wandered the path ever since, seeking vengeance.

Ghost Encounters on Timber Lake Road

Numerous visitors on Timber Lake Road have claimed ghostly sightings of the mother, often joined by her spectral children, lingering along the wayside. Some describe her as an ethereal apparition dressed in a white robe, while others see a black form with dazzling eyes.

Some report she has sought to hitch rides, only to vanish from automobiles after a few seconds. In addition to these apparitions, motorists have reported other unexplained events, such as car malfunctions, strange sounds reverberating through the air, unexpected chilly patches, and a creepy feeling. Some have seen apparitions of Native Americans, soldiers, and animals, implying a deeper historical tie to the place.

Timber Lake Road: A Mystery

The identity of the children’s assailant, as well as the mother’s decision to haunt Timber Lake Road, remains unknown. Theories abound, ranging from a local farmer with a grudge to a rejected lover seeking vengeance. There are still doubts about the mother’s innocence and whether she was hiding something sinister. Skeptics believe the entire story is an urban legend made up to scare the unwary.

Despite the uncertainty, Timber Lake Road continues to entice thrill-seekers and paranormal aficionados to come and feel its spooky appeal for themselves. If you dare to travel up Timber Lake Road, use caution and reverence—and be prepared for unusual encounters. You could come face to face with the ghostly mother and her children, or other beings hiding in the shadows of this eerie street.


In short, Timber Lake Road in Minnesota has the terrifying reputation of being the most haunted road in the state, with a mystery story of a heartbroken mother seeking vengeance for her dead children. Ghostly sightings and inexplicable happenings attract thrill seekers, although the validity of the narrative is questioned. Whether an actual paranormal hotspot or an urban myth, the road remains an enticing location for anyone looking for a thrilling encounter.

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