This Beach in California One of the Creepiest Places in the State


California is known for its sunny climate, beautiful beaches, and various cultural attractions. However, not all of its beaches provide the lovely atmosphere one might imagine. Some of these sandy beaches have frightening and ominous history, such as El Segundo Beach in the city of El Segundo, near Los Angeles.

The Haunted History of El Segundo Beach

El Segundo Beach was formerly a popular place for surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers. However, in the 1950s, it became the setting for a series of horrific murders that shook the nation.

A serial murderer, known as the “Coastline Killer,” followed and brutally murdered at least six young women on the beach, dumping their disfigured remains on the sand. The identity of this killer remained a mystery because they were never apprehended or revealed.

Rumors spread that the killer was a former employee of the adjacent Chevron oil refinery, which opened in 1911 and continues to operate today. The refinery was and continues to be accused of polluting the environment and harming the health of El Segundo inhabitants.

Some say that the killer was driven insane by the refinery’s poisonous fumes and chemicals and that he targeted young ladies who resembled his previous sweetheart, who had abandoned him for another man.

Others have a more unearthly interpretation, claiming that the killer was a supernatural creature, maybe a demon or a ghost, drawn to the bad energy around the refinery and seashore. Reports have surfaced of black, trench coat-clad people wearing mystery headgear loitering on the beach at night, as well as allegations of cries and gunfire coming from the sand.

Paranormal Activity on El Segundo Beach

Whether the attacker was human or paranormal, the Coastline Killer’s victims are reported to haunt El Segundo Beach. Numerous witnesses have claimed seeing apparitions of young ladies in swimming suits or gowns, especially near the lifeguard tower, where some of the bodies were located.

Visitors have also reported strange cold patches, unexplained touches or scratches on their flesh, and even the aroma of blood or perfume remaining in the atmosphere.

One of the most unsettling encounters occurred in 1978 when a group of adolescents chose to sleep on the beach for the night, unaware of its dark history. Around midnight, a bloodcurdling scream emerged from one of their tents. They rushed to investigate and discovered a buddy covered in blood, having been repeatedly stabbed in the chest and stomach by an unseen assailant. Tragically, he died from his injuries, and the identity of his murderer remains unknown.

Warning for Visitors

El Segundo Beach is still available to the public today, but many residents avoid it or advise visitors to use great caution. Some believe it is cursed by the souls of the victims and the unnamed perpetrator, who may still seek vengeance or consolation. Others feel it is a dangerous location, full of crime and violence. Regardless, it is not a place for those who value their safety and peace of mind.

For the brave people who choose to visit El Segundo Beach, discretion and respect are essential. Avoid traveling alone or at night, and do not provoke or upset any spectral beings that may be in the region. It is critical to remember that this California beach has developed a reputation as one of the most spooky spots in the state.


El Segundo Beach in California, formerly a tranquil coastal refuge, rose to prominence in the 1950s as the site of a series of unsolved killings committed by the “Coastline Killer.” Legends of a haunting past remain, with claims of ghostly apparitions, strange cries, and a terrifying 1978 murder. Visitors are discouraged, and the beach is described as spooky and even dangerous.

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