This Beach in Alabama One of the Creepiest Places in the State


Alabama is known for its beautiful beaches, but one particular beachfront has a dark and foreboding history. That beach is none other than Fort Morgan, an old masonry star fort built in 1819 and used as a crucial military installation during various battles.

Fort Morgan has also been known as one of Alabama’s most haunted places, with countless reports of weird sights and haunting sounds associated with the soldiers, captives, and citizens who died within its medieval walls.

The History of Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan, named for Revolutionary War hero Daniel Morgan, was built to protect the entrance to Mobile Bay, a strategically crucial location for trade and defense. French engineer Simon Bernard constructed the structure. The fort, made of brick, stone, and mortar, had a pentagonal structure with bastions at each corner and could accommodate up to 600 men and 125 guns.

Fort Morgan has played a pivotal role in multiple conflicts, including the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World Wars I and II, and has seen numerous intense battles, sieges, bombardments, fires, explosions, and countless casualties. Some of its most noteworthy historical events are:

  • The Battle of Mobile Bay (1864) was a major naval combat during the Civil War in which Union Admiral David Farragut famously proclaimed “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” as he led his fleet past Confederate fortifications, gaining Mobile Bay as a critical supply base for the rest of the war.
  • The Yellow Fever Epidemic (1864): Following the Battle of Mobile Bay, Union forces stationed at Fort Morgan were hit by a terrible yellow fever outbreak, which claimed the lives of over 200 men, who were buried in mass graves near the fort.
  • The USS Tecumseh Explosion (1864): The USS Tecumseh, a Union ironclad monitor, was destroyed after colliding with a Confederate torpedo (mine) at Fort Morgan. The explosion killed 93 of the 114 crew members aboard, and some of their remains were never discovered. The wreck still lies on the seafloor of Mobile Bay, acting as a war burial and a protected site.
  • The Execution of William O. Smith (1906): William O. Smith, a soldier stationed at Fort Morgan during the Spanish-American War, was accused of murdering his wife and two children in Pensacola, Florida. Smith was returned to Fort Morgan for trial, found guilty, and hanged on January 5, 1906, at the fort’s entrance. His execution was the final hanging at Fort Morgan.

The Hauntings at Fort Morgan

Given its tragic past, Fort Morgan is no stranger to mysterious events. Some of the most commonly claimed paranormal experiences at the location are:

  • Soldier Apparitions: Many tourists have reported seeing ghostly beings dressed in various military clothes from different times walking about the fort or standing vigil at the bastions. Audible encounters include everything from phantom gunshots, cannon fire, and marching footfall to ethereal voices delivering instructions. Some people have reported unexpected decreases in temperature, strange touches, or unexplained tugging on their clothing.
  • The Spirits of Prisoners: During the Civil War, Fort Morgan was used as a harsh jail for Confederate troops captured by the Union. These unlucky inmates were imprisoned in dark, wet casemates beneath the fort, where they suffered sickness, malnutrition, and maltreatment. Some visitors have reported hearing horrific cries, screams, and the creepy sound of chains rattling coming from these casemates. Shadows and bright orbs have also been seen in these bleak surroundings.
  • The Ghostly Residue of Civilians: Fort Morgan’s civilian population, who lived in residences and barracks near the fort, suffered a variety of disasters, including accidents, fires, and enemy attacks. According to reports, apparitions, notably ladies and children dressed in historical garb, can be seen walking around the fort or frolicking on the surrounding beach. Ghostly laughter, music, and disembodied voices echoing from empty structures have sent shivers down the spines of many who have entered this frightening ambiance.


Fort Morgan, Alabama, a town rich in history and sorrow, is a haunted place with strange happenings. The fort, which has witnessed battles, plagues, and executions, is haunted by ghosts of soldiers, captives, and townspeople. Reports of phantom gunfire cries from Civil War-era prisoners, and spirit citizens roaming lend a disturbing element to this historic site.

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