This Abandoned Hospital is One of the Creepiest Places in Los Angeles, California


The Linda Vista Community Hospital only opened in 1924 and closed in 1991, which is not very long. But at that time, the strange things that were happening there led to paranormal studies that are still going on today. Some movies and TV shows have been filmed in this California hospital that has been left empty for a long time. It has long hallways with broken windows. Find out more about this scary building and decide if you’re brave enough to go see what some people think is the scariest abandoned place in Southern California.

In its early years, Linda Vista Community Hospital was called the Santa Fe Railroad Company. It first opened in 1924.

It is in Los Angeles, California, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood.

It was made for train workers, and they will be taken very good care of.

Cows and chickens were even there so that the patients could get fresh farm food like milk, eggs, and butter. Along the way, the building was fixed up, and in 1989, it got its current name.

Around that time, care for patients started to slowly get worse. A lot of the train workers switched to health insurance instead.

The areas around the hospital that used to be wealthy got poorer, and the hospital lost a lot of its support.

People with stab wounds and gunshot wounds started coming in for care as the areas got more dangerous.

The death rate went up because of this, and Linda Vista Community Hospital was heavily blamed. A lot of its doctors moved to other hospitals, and by 1991, the business was no longer running.

What’s left is an empty hospital in Southern California. It’s also one of the most spooky empty buildings in the whole state!

It’s easy to see why so many movie studios have chosen Linda Vista as their perfect set as you walk down the long hallways and chill-out rooms.

This Abandoned Hospital is One of the Creepiest Places in Los Angeles, California

A bad part of the hospital’s past makes it seem like mistakes may have been made. There may have been more than just gang fighting in the area that led to so many deaths.

According to some reports, even the most basic tasks and processes were not done correctly. Paranormal investigators think this is why trapped spirits come back to the spot.

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People who go to Linda Vista Community Hospital say they feel very trapped inside. Visitors have also said that seeing a phantom right in front of their eyes has left them paralyzed with fear.

The trauma room on the first floor is said to have the ghost of a little girl living in it. It is one of the most haunted rooms in the building.

If you ever look for “abandoned hospitals near me,” this creepy place will definitely come up! Have you been to the Linda Vista Community Hospital that has been closed down? What do you think about that? Did it make you feel cold? Make you have bad dreams? We’d love for you to tell us about your experiences (or meetings) in the part below!

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