This Abandoned Town in California Is Named The Creepiest Town


The United States has a lot of history, and some of the most interesting stories are hidden in its old towns. There are many ghost towns across the country. They give us a look into a time when there was mystery, excitement, and sometimes the creepy sounds of people who used to live there but have since died.

Cerro Gordo, California: A Town Stuck in Time Over a Silver Mine

There was a silver strike in Cerro Gordo in 1865, which was the start of the town’s history. This finding caused a lot of excitement, and people looking for gold and riches came to this remote area.

For a while, Cerro Gordo did very well. In the town, workers were busy getting silver, lead, and ore out of the ground. It became a sign of wealth and success, representing the Wild West’s never-ending search for money. But this great age would not last.

The town went downhill because of legal disputes over who owned what, changing lead and silver prices, and a severe lack of water supplies. In the late 1870s, Cerro Gordo was nothing like it used to be. Its streets and buildings were empty and left to the whims of time.

As of June 2018, Cerro Gordo was at a loss for what to do. People who owned the town before put it up for sale. Two businesspeople from Los Angeles bought this lost piece of history for $1.4 million because they thought it had been used. Their goal was to make Cerro Gordo open to the public and protect its historic buildings and interiors so that people could experience the Wild West as it was in the past.

Site Location and Description

People think that Cerro Gordo Ghost Town in Death Valley is one of the best ghost towns in California. It is privately owned, and the Cerro Gordo Historical Society runs it. You need to get permission to visit because this is on private land. To protect the historic site, please do not try to enter buildings without the caretaker present to show you around. Also, please do not take anything from the site.

Public Opinion

There are a lot of different points of view on the news in the comments area. Some readers were interested in the past of ghost towns and talked about trips they had taken to places that were like the ones in the story. One person talked about Bode, another California ghost town, saying that the people who lived there left without taking anything and that it was notoriously wild at the time.

“Bode is a fun ghost town to go to. They just left without taking anything. Plus, I heard that in its time Bode was one of the most ruthless and lawless towns to live in.”

Another thing that some readers were excited about was the idea of buying an old ghost town and fixing it up. They said they wanted to bring these towns back to their former glory and make a place where history buffs could sell old-fashioned goods. One person talked about Oatman in Arizona, which was a similar project that they liked going to.

“I would love to purchase an old ghost town in California and refurbish it back to its original splendor…and have folks who share the love of history come in and sell their old fashioned wares. There is a place like that in AZ, called Oatman, loved visiting there.”


In the United States, dead towns like Cerro Gordo, California, are interesting ways to learn about the past. Formed in 1865 because of a silver strike, Cerro Gordo did very well until the late 1870s, when legal battles and changing metal prices caused it to fall. Before two businessmen bought it for $1.4 million in 2018, the town was abandoned and stuck in time, with no clear future.

They planned to keep the traditional feel of it and let everyone use it. The Cerro Gordo Historical Society now takes care of this ghost town, which is a well-preserved piece of the Wild West that gives tourists a unique look into American history.

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