Here is the Most Haunted City in Portland, Oregon


There are a lot of haunting places in Oregon, from old hospitals and hotels to caves and roads. One of these is the Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, which is the most well-known.

This system of underground tunnels connects different basements and buildings. Originally, they were used for legal things like moving goods, keeping supplies, and hiding illegal activities.

The notorious “Shanghaiing” crime, in which people were taken from their homes and made to work on ships, was based in the caves. You can read about the history, horror, and ghosts of the Shanghai Tunnels in this blog post.

Shanghai Tunnel History

The Shanghai Tunnels were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They got their start in Portland, which was a busy port city that attracted immigrants, sailors, and explorers.

At first, the tunnels were used for legal things like helping goods move, but they quickly turned into places where bad things like gaming, prostitutes, opium dens, and speakeasies happened all the time.

Shanghaiing, which involved taking men and women hostage to sell to sea masters who needed cheap labor, was the most well-known crime. Between the 1850s and 1940s, thousands of people died in Shanghai, making Portland one of the most dangerous places in the world.

The Shanghai Tunnels’ Horror

The Shanghai Tunnels, where many lives were sacrificed and freedom was taken away, are the pinnacle of terror and sorrow.

Victims endured malnutrition, violence, and torture in appalling circumstances with inadequate lighting, ventilation, and sanitation. The tunnels held rats and mice, and the deceased were thrown into the river or buried inside the walls with no ceremony.

As competing gangs and thieves fought for dominance, lawlessness ruled. Nothing in this underground world was safe.

The Shanghai Tunnels’ Hauntings

The Shanghai Tunnels are full of ghosts and other supernatural things that keep the souls of the tortured alive. People say they’ve seen ghosts, apparitions, and poltergeists, such as

The Woman in White: She is seen crying, yelling, or trying to get away from her killer. She is thought to be Nina, a prostitute who was killed.

The Man in Black: He’s been seen serving drinks, playing cards, or warning of danger. He’s thought to be Sam, a bartender who was Shanghaied and drowned at sea.

The Sailor Boy: He is known as Jimmy and was born in Shanghai and died on a ship from illness. He is often seen playing or looking for his mother.

The Bandaged Man: He walks around, moans, or hides his face. He is thought to be George, a victim of Shanghaiing who was badly hurt.

The Shanghai Tunnels are known as one of the most spooky places in Oregon. This is because of things like cold spots, strange noises, and electricity problems.


The Shanghai Tunnels close to Portland, Oregon, are haunted and mirror the horror and ghosts of those who perished there. Shanghaiing—kidnapping and enslaving individuals for maritime labor—was the most notorious tunnel activity.

Many victims never returned due to horrific conditions and brutality. Ghosts, apparitions, and poltergeists haunt the tunnels. The Shanghai Tunnels are terrifying and sad, yet people who explore them are curious and fascinated.

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