Thinking About Moving to Delaware? 14 Reasons Why You Might Want to Think Again


Considering a relocation to Delaware? Think again. Despite its rustic charm and closeness to big cities, Delaware has its share of disadvantages. This state falls short in several crucial categories, including excessive property taxes and a dearth of job prospects.

Delaware’s attractiveness soon fades when you consider its poor nightlife scene, limited cultural offerings, and renowned traffic congestion. Don’t be misled by its size; Delaware’s high crime rates and poor school system are serious issues. Before you pack your bags, read these 14 reasons why Delaware stinks – and why you might want to reconsider calling it home.

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Dreadful Delays

Do you think traffic delays only happen in big cities? Think again. Despite its tiny size, Delaware has severe traffic jams on I-95.

Boring Beaches

If you expect exotic beaches, Rehoboth and Dewey may disappoint. Prepare for crowded beaches and frigid waves.

Flat and Forgettable

Do you enjoy mountain scenery? Too awful. Delaware’s flat topography may make you desire for some elevation.

Tax-free Temptation

No sales tax sounds nice, until you discover you have fewer purchasing options. Prepare to drive out of state to your favorite stores.

Corporate Central

Delaware is known for its business-friendly legislation. If corporate headquarters and legal offices appeal to you, you’re in luck. Otherwise, it’s not too exciting.

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Tiny Town Syndrome

Small-town charm can easily evolve into small-town gossip. Everyone knows each other’s business.

Weather Woes

Humid summers, frigid winters, and unpredictable springs and falls—Delaware’s environment keeps you on your toes and continuously changing your clothes.

Boring Nightlife

If you enjoy lively nightlife and cultural activities, Delaware’s quieter scene may seem a little dreary. Early nights and sleepy cities are common.

Mosquito Madness

Mosquitoes can be found in abundance in the state’s marshes and wetlands. Prepare for a summer spent itching and swatting.

Dull Delicacies

While Delaware has some tasty restaurants, its culinary culture isn’t exactly world-renowned. Your gastronomic needs can go unfulfilled.

Nature Nuisances

Delaware’s wildlife includes a plethora of deer, who enjoy darting in front of your car at inconvenient moments.

Sporting Sorrow

There are no prominent sports teams to cheer for. If you’re a sports lover, you’ll want to support teams from surrounding states.

Limited Landscape

Delaware’s modest size limits its scenic variation. You can travel across the entire state in a few hours.

Historical Hiccups

While Delaware is the first state, its historical sites are sometimes lackluster when compared to other East Coast locations. History buffs may be left wanting more.


In conclusion, while Delaware has a rustic beauty and is close to urban hubs, its disadvantages exceed its benefits. Excessive property taxes, limited career opportunities, and traffic congestion are key issues. Delaware’s crowded beaches, flat landscape, and few cultural opportunities make it difficult to live a thriving existence. Before making a move, consider these 14 reasons why Delaware may not be the best place to call home.

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