Navigating Maryland’s Cultural Landscape: 10 Insulting Sayings to Avoid


In Maryland, people are very proud of their local culture, and some words can make people angry without meaning to. Some sayings bother people in Maryland, whether they are wrong about local habits or wrong about the identity of the area. These words can make people feel strongly, whether they are spelled wrong, based on stereotypes, or not true to history.

It’s important to know about these touchy subjects so you don’t accidentally offend people and so you can better understand the complex cultural setting of Maryland. Here are 10 sayings that people from Maryland find very insulting. They show how complicated Marylanders’ sense of pride and identity can be.

“Old Bay is Overrated”

Old Bay seasoning is a popular ingredient in Maryland cuisine, especially with fish. It is disheartening because it demonstrates a disregard for an important aspect of Maryland’s culinary character.

“Crab Cakes are Better in [another state]”

Marylanders take tremendous pleasure in their crab cakes, which are widely regarded as the greatest. Suggesting that another state creates better crab cakes may be interpreted as a direct insult to their culinary pride.

“What’s So Special About the Chesapeake Bay?”

The Chesapeake Bay is an important natural and cultural monument in Maryland. Dismissing its significance ignores its environmental, historical, and economic value to the state.

“The Ravens are Just a Mediocre Team”

The Baltimore Ravens have a devoted following in Maryland. Criticizing the team may offend sports supporters who are very devoted and proud of their football team.

“Isn’t Baltimore Just Dangerous and Rundown?”

Baltimore suffers the same issues as any other major city, but it also offers dynamic neighborhoods, a rich history, and cultural attractions. Reducing it to negative preconceptions ignores the city’s positive aspects and resiliency.

“Why Do You Guys Even Bother With Lacrosse?”

Lacrosse is a popular and culturally significant sport in Maryland, with a rich history and several successful teams. Dismissing it demonstrates ignorance of a key aspect of Maryland’s sports culture.

“You’re Just a Smaller Version of D.C”

Maryland has its own distinct personality outside of Washington, D.C. Comparing it unfavorably to the capital city undermines Maryland’s own history, culture, and communities.

“What’s the Big Deal About Blue Crabs?”

Blue crabs, particularly those from the Chesapeake Bay, are a culinary staple in Maryland. Belittling them ignores an important aspect of the state’s culinary heritage and local economy.

“Annapolis is Just Another Small Town”

Annapolis, the state capital, is steeped in history and home to the United States Naval Academy. Calling it “just another small town” minimizes its historical and cultural relevance.

“Maryland’s Just a Pass-through State”

Marylanders are proud of their state’s diversified offers, which range from mountains to beaches and urban to rural locations. Suggestions that it is only a stopover on the way to somewhere else reduce the state’s significance and charms.


In conclusion, Marylanders value their local culture, and certain expressions may unwittingly offend. These sayings can elicit emotional reactions, whether because of misconceptions or historical relevance. Understanding these sensitive themes is critical for avoiding accidental harm and embracing the diversity of Maryland’s culture. Here are ten sayings that Marylanders find deeply offensive, illustrating the state’s complex pride and identity.


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