There Are Two Odd Haunted Roads in Virginia That Defy Gravity


Virginia is a state rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty, but it also has mysterious myths and stories, especially about its roads, which defy logic and physics. This blog explores the mysteries of Gravity Hill in Buchanan and Spotswood Trail in Stanardsville, two such haunted roads in Virginia.

Gravity Hill: A Historical Push

Gravity Hill A Historical Push

Located on Route 43 close to Buchanan, Gravity Hill is a surreal sight. When an automobile is in neutral, it seems to defy gravity and roll backward, even though it appears to be sloping upward. Visitors have been enthralled by this occurrence, frequently leaving their mark on the area with graffiti, and some even claim to have seen ghosts or heard voices.

There are a number of theories regarding this oddity that defies gravity, but its cause is still unclear. A well-known myth connects the occurrence to a sad event that happened on the hill in the 1800s. Robbers ambushed a young couple in a horse-drawn carriage, causing their death. The story is that these victims’ ghosts push away cars, maybe warning or shielding them from a similar tragedy. In a different version, there is a school bus accident and the dead children’s ghosts are said to be playing tricks on others or trying to get help by pushing cars upward.

Whether or not these tales are true, Gravity Hill is a popular destination for thrill-seekers and paranormal aficionados, particularly those drawn to the spooky atmosphere that grows stronger at night.

Spotswood Trail: An Interminable Path

Spotswood Trail An Interminable Path

Spotswood Trail, also known as Route 33, winds through the Blue Ridge Mountains near Stanardsville and provides stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape while hiding a dark secret. There is a legend that claims a portion of the road connects to a time- and space-warping portal to another realm.

A mystery fork in the road was spotted by a group of friends traveling along Spotswood Trail back in the 1970s. Choosing the left route, they soon discovered themselves on a terrifying ride as the road became narrower and darker and the surroundings assumed an unsettling unfamiliarity. They experienced a sense of dread and anxiety, as though evil eyes were observing.

When they tried to go back, they found that the right way had disappeared, and they were now on an uncharted, infinite left path. The road appeared to go on forever with no indications of civilization, which caused panic to set in. Their car’s fuel ran out and their communication gadgets malfunctioned. They drove in the direction of a far-off light in a desperate attempt to get away, but instead of being enveloped in darkness, they were bathed in a brilliant white light.

They had only been on Spotswood Trail for fifteen minutes when they woke up. They fled in terror and confusion, never to be seen again.

On the Spotswood Trail, many have described having similar experiences, including seeing the enigmatic fork, seeing a white light, and losing track of time or memory. Theories range from hallucinations or hoaxes to gates to other universes. Whatever one’s interpretation, Spotswood Trail continues to push the limits of reality and fantasy.


With its rich historical and romantic fabric, Virginia is home to many mysteries and secrets that are difficult to solve. Gravity Hill and Spotswood Trail are two haunted roads that invite people to explore the excitement and mystery of the unknown, regardless of their level of belief. A word of warning: you might not come away from the experience the same.

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