Here is the Poorest Town in South Carolina


South Carolina is known for its beautiful scenery and lively culture, but some towns there are having trouble with their finances. Marion is one of these towns, and in 2023 it was the poorest in the whole state.

Marion, a tiny town with a population of 6,472, unfortunately, has the lowest median household income in South Carolina, at $27,024. With 35.0% of its population living below the poverty line, the municipality has a significant poverty rate.

Despite these obstacles, Marion’s cost of living is among the lowest in the state, ensuring that necessities like housing remain reasonably priced.

Marion: Economic Struggles

While Marion is having the most trouble with its economy, other South Carolina towns are also having problems. Cheraw is home to 5,090 people and has the third-highest rate of poverty and the fourth-highest typical family income.

The poverty rate is also the fourth highest in Lancaster, which has 8,489 people, and the fifth lowest annual income.

Poverty Contributing Factors

Economic possibilities: Marion’s widespread poverty is caused in large part by the town’s limited economic possibilities, its reliance on certain businesses, and its shrinking job market.

Here is the Poorest Town in South Carolina

Education and Access to Resources: The town’s residents have a hard time getting to good schools, hospitals, and other important resources, which makes their problems even worse and makes the circle of poverty worse.

Community Strengthening and Projects

Even with all of these problems, Marion’s group strength comes through. The main goals of local programs, community-led projects, and partnerships with government agencies and non-profits are to fight poverty and improve the town’s economic chances.

Future Prospects and Solutions

It is very important to work on boosting Marion’s business and encouraging growth. Marion can look forward to a better future if everyone works together to create jobs, improve schools, build facilities, and run community support programs.


Marion is the poorest town in South Carolina, and even though it has a beautiful landscape and a lively culture, it has a lot of money problems. Its low median family income and large number of people living below the poverty line show that the economy is having a hard time.

The town’s poverty is made worse by few business opportunities, differences in schooling, and limited access to important resources.

However, community-led programs and groups are trying to fight these problems by focusing on working together to boost resources, encourage growth, and improve education for a brighter future.

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