The Scary Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Virginia is Horrifying


Prepare to be intrigued and chilled as we uncover the terrifying story of a haunted hotel in Virginia. Nestled inside the state’s historical tapestry, this lodging is out of the ordinary, with a terrible story that has lasted the test of time.

Ghostly whispers and scary apparitions are supposed to haunt its ancient halls, leaving visitors in wonder and fear. Join us on a disturbing trip into the ethereal hallways of this enigmatic facility, where the ghosts of a bone-chilling past reverberate, weaving an unsettling tapestry that reveals the unspeakable atrocities that have left an everlasting stamp on Virginia’s gloomy history.

Martha Washington Inn: History

The Martha Washington Inn was erected in 1832 as a private home for General Francis Preston, his wife Sarah, and their nine children. The home is named after Martha Washington, the first First Lady of the United States and a distant aunt of Sarah Preston.

The Preston family gave the home to the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1858, and it was turned into Martha Washington Institution, a young women’s institution. The college remained open until 1932 when it closed owing to the Great Depression.

During the Civil War, the institution functioned as a temporary hospital for wounded Confederate troops. Many perished on the grounds, and some of their bloodstains may still be seen on the wooden flooring today. One of the most heartbreaking stories from this period is a young woman named Beth, who attended college and fell in love with a soldier named John.

John was badly wounded in combat and taken to college, where Beth nursed him until he died in her arms. Beth was so devastated that she died from sadness shortly afterward. Her spirit is claimed to haunt the room where John died, which is now called Room 403.

Martha Washington Inn: Paranormal Activity

The Martha Washington Inn is one of Virginia’s most haunted hotels, with at least six separate spirits haunting the corridors and rooms. Guests and workers have reported the following paranormal phenomena:

1.) Hearing a female voice singing or humming in the halls, particularly near Room 403. This is thought to be Beth’s spirit, who is still mourning her lost lover.

2.) Seeing a woman wearing a long white dress wandering around the gardens or sitting on the porch. This is said to be Sarah Preston’s spirit, who enjoyed tending her flowers and breathing fresh air.

3.) Feeling chilly patches, drafts, or touches around the hotel. These are believed to be the spirits of soldiers who died in the hospital and are still seeking comfort and warmth.

4.) Hearing footsteps knocks, or doors that open and close by themselves. These are created by the spirits of the college’s past students and instructors, who remain curious and playful.

5.) Encountering a malevolent spirit in the subterranean passage connecting the hotel to the Barter Theatre across the street. This spirit is reported to be angry and violent, and it has been known to shove, scratch, or bite anybody who enters the tunnel.


In the shadow of Virginia’s long and interesting past is the scary story of Martha Washington Inn. From its start in 1832 as a safe place for the Preston family to stay to its use as a hospital during the Civil War, the building is filled with sad memories.

The ghosts of Beth and John can still be seen in Room 403. They are a sad memory of love and loss. From creepy words to evil spirits, the Martha Washington Inn is Virginia’s most haunted hotel, and its history is full of tales that have been passed down for generations. Prepare to go on a scary journey through its haunted halls.

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