The I-70 Interchange At 29 Road Receives $2 Million In Federal Financing


According to KJCT, GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado As a result of the work of senators from Colorado, the Grand Valley is going to be provided with funds for several projects that have been anticipated.

The passage of a federal financing measure was brought to the attention of Senators Hickenlooper and Bennet in a press release that was issued not too long ago. A total of 120 projects in Colorado will receive more than $129 million as a result of this bill.

An example of one of these projects is the interchange between Interstate 70 and 29 Road, which has been under construction since the 1970s. It is anticipated that the project will obtain money for $2 million, and with that money, the project will work toward the goal of redirecting traffic to 29 roads. The companies that are located along Patterson Road and North Avenue will profit from this diversion, which will significantly contribute to the economic development and expansion of the area.

On top of that, the Riverside Educational Center will also be receiving money for roughly 170,000 dollars.

The distribution of this money, as stated by senators, will serve as evidence of a commitment to solving critical infrastructure requirements and providing support for educational programs in the Grand Valley and throughout the state of Colorado.

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