Suspected Kidnapper of Teenagers Captured by Police in Swansea Commercial District


Police say that on Thursday afternoon, a man tried to get two 13-year-old girls into his car behind a Target store. He was later caught. Police in Swansea said that Michael Nutbrown, 60, of Somerset is being charged with trying to take someone.

WBZ heard from the father of one of the girls, who did not want to be named, that his daughter is scared. “She was scared when she got home,” her dad said.

According to the police, Nutbrown asked the girls if they wanted a ride as they walked along a bike path on Milford Road behind the Target store.

“I walked home from middle school to Target to do some silly things with my kids.” “Go shopping or something, like McDonald’s, and a man came up to them and told them to get in the car,” the dad said.

The girls ran into Target after telling the man twice no. The man getting out of the car was caught on camera.

“It looks like he was clearing out the backseat too and putting his stuff in the trunk,” he said. The police think he did this so that the girls could get in.

This dad says it was bold of them to try to get two little girls into the car during the day near a busy shopping center.

“It’s an easy spot probably to take someone because there’s kids everywhere and everything like that,” he said.

It’s a wake-up call, but he’s glad his daughter and her friend ran away and are safe. The father said, “You know, it’s really scary.” “I don’t think much of the fact that she goes every weekend.” It’s very scary.”

Swansea police used their investigation to find Nutbrown and arrested him on Friday afternoon. Nutbrown is likely to be charged in Fall River District Court on Monday.

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