Discover the Top 3 Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Pagosa Springs, Colorado That Will Make You Drool


Nestled within the magnificent landscapes of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is a culinary sanctuary that offers a delicious start to the day: breakfast and brunch.

Here, we reveal the top three sites where locals and visitors alike go to enjoy morning treats. Pagosa Springs provides a broad range of breakfast experiences, from quiet cafes with rustic charm to modern eateries with innovative menus.

Whether you’re looking for traditional comfort food or more daring dishes, these restaurants promise a fascinating culinary experience against the backdrop of Colorado’s breathtaking nature. Join us as we visit the best three breakfast and brunch spots in Pagosa Springs.

1. The Rose – A Boutique Bakery and Cafe

Tucked away in the heart of downtown Pagosa Springs, The Rose stands out as a cozy and friendly oasis for breakfast lovers. This tiny bakery and cafe oozes warmth and charm, enticing customers with the smells of freshly baked pastries and the promise of handmade treats. The Rose takes pleasure in using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients to ensure that each meal is flavorful and fresh.

The Rose’s menu features a variety of exquisite pastries and baked delicacies. From flaky croissants to decadent cinnamon buns, each pastry is carefully created to go perfectly with a warm cup of locally brewed coffee. For those who prefer a heartier meal, The Rose also serves a range of savory dishes, including their trademark breakfast sandwich, which consists of farm-fresh eggs, crispy bacon, and melted cheese sandwiched between two slices of freshly baked bread.

Aside from its exquisite products, The Rose is also noted for its pleasant and welcoming ambiance. With its rustic-chic atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s an excellent place to begin your day in Pagosa Springs.

2. The Peak Deli

The Peak Deli, located at the base of the magnificent San Juan Mountains, provides a breakfast and brunch experience unlike any other in Pagosa Springs. This beloved local café combines the ambiance of a quaint mountain cafe with the flavors of a gourmet deli, resulting in a dining experience that is as distinct as it is excellent.

The Peak Deli’s breakfast and brunch menu offers a variety of alternatives to suit every taste and preference. Everyone will find something to appreciate, from hearty breakfast burritos filled with eggs, potatoes, and green chile to fluffy pancakes topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup. For those looking for lighter fare, the deli also serves freshly prepared salads and sandwiches, ideal for a quick and fulfilling brunch on the road.

What distinguishes The Peak Deli is its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients wherever feasible. From organic fruit to artisanal cheeses, every item is meticulously chosen to provide the best quality and flavor. Dining at The Peak Deli is an unforgettable experience, thanks to its warm setting and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

3. Pagosa Baking Company

For those who enjoy freshly made bread and pastries, Pagosa Baking Company is a must-see in Pagosa Springs. This famous bakery has been providing wonderful breakfast and brunch dishes for over a decade, delighting both locals and visitors with its delectable offerings.

Pagosa Baking Company’s freshly baked bread and pastries are unquestionably the highlight of the menu. From fluffy croissants to crusty baguettes, each item is meticulously made by professional bakers using ancient techniques and the best ingredients. For an amazing breakfast, pair one of their handcrafted breads with a variety of homemade jams and spreads.

In addition to its baked goods, Pagosa Baking Company serves savory breakfast options such as quiches, breakfast sandwiches, and hearty breakfast bowls. Every dish is prepared to order with locally sourced ingredients, delivering a fresh and tasty dinner every time. Pagosa Baking Company’s warm setting and helpful personnel make it the ideal place to start your day in Pagosa Springs.


The Rose, The Peak Deli, and Pagosa Baking Company all provide a great breakfast and brunch experience in Pagosa Springs, each with its distinct charm and commitment to fresh, local foods against Colorado’s magnificent natural setting. Whether it’s a quaint bakery or a mountain-view deli, these establishments promise the ideal morning pleasure.

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