Rise In Refugees Is Overwhelming The State’s Sole Shelter With Legal Services


The number of refugees arriving in Michigan is overwhelming Freedom House Detroit, according to them. The forty-year-old non-profit is the only organization in Michigan offering refugees looking for sanctuary in the state both shelter and legal assistance.

Freedom House’s executive director is Elizabeth Orozco-Vasquez. According to her, a large number of immigrants are from South American, Caribbean, and African nations.

She explained that by transforming a disused assembly room into a sleeping place, her organization is attempting to provide beds for as many people as possible.

Cots are arranged throughout our halls, according to Orozco-Vasquez. “We’ve had to relocate folks to different shelters and put them up in hotels. It’s hard to say no, especially when you see folks showing up who haven’t eaten in days or who are bringing kids with them.”

Many visitors, according to Orozco-Vasquez, lack winter jackets and other attire suitable for Michigan’s progressively chilly weather.

Since it’s unclear if this spike of refugees will last, she said, her organization is in discussions with the state and other local organizations about either growing Freedom House or opening more refugees.

In part to serve a larger audience, Freedom House is currently concentrating on boosting its financial support from organizations and people. In part also, this is because the organization no longer has enough space to store donated goods.

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