Marjorie Taylor Greene Charged with $12,000 fine for Illegal PAC Fundraising


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., was fined $12,000 after the Federal Election Commission ruled she improperly funded the Stop Socialism Now PAC, which is affiliated with Greene, as per a mediation agreement made public Friday.

The sanction was imposed for internet commercials for Greene’s super PAC in which he solicits funds to fund the Georgia Senate runoff elections in January 2021. She shared the promo footage on her Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter, profiles.

According to records, the adverts were issued in late 2020 and early 2021 and solicited money via a link.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Charged with $12,000 fine for Illegal PAC Fundraising

The complaint mentions the ads filed in May 2021 by the District of Columbia watchdog group Common Cause, federal officeholders are not allowed to “solicit… funds in connection with an election for Federal office… unless the funds are subject to the limitations, prohibitions, and reporting requirements” of the FECA.

Greene was accused of violating the 1971 Federal Election Campaign Act’s (FECA) “soft money” ban by “soliciting unlimited contributions.”

According to the complaint, Greene was only allowed to request up to $5,000 from an individual donor on behalf of the super PAC and could not collect corporate or union money.

Greene violated the FECA by distributing the commercials on her personal social media, according to the FEC, who agreed with the Common Cause complaint.

Greene has not responded to the fine.

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