Police: Student assaulted Colerain teacher, causing severe brain injury


According to Colerain police, a Colerain High School teacher was critically injured after being assaulted by a 15-year-old student Thursday afternoon.

The 60-year-old teacher is being treated at UC Medical Center for significant brain damage, according to investigators.

The student was detained and charged with felony assault.

A police report obtained by WLWT stated that the student “ingested an unknown drug” and began “acting distraught” in class.

He is then charged with “punching” the teacher “in the head.”

According to police, her injuries necessitate intensive medical treatment.

The complaint further mentions that the student then raced out of the classroom and into the nearby career center, where he was located.

Police: Student assaulted Colerain teacher, causing severe brain injury

According to police, the kid looked to have a “self-inflicted” head injury and was having “hallucinations.”

He was taken into police custody after being treated at a local hospital.

In addition, he is accused of injuring another 15-year-old pupil by “grabbing him and pinching his neck.”

Northwest Local Schools refused to interview anyone, but in a joint written statement with Colerain police, they stated, “Northwest Local Schools has confirmed that the incident was isolated and that there is no current threat to the school community regarding the matter.” The district is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all students and staff.

Counselors were made available on Friday morning to assist workers and students who had been emotionally impacted. Those in need will continue to receive ongoing assistance. The Colerain Police Department and Northwest Local School District are still investigating the incident. Please contact Colerain Police at (513) 321-COPS if you have any information about this occurrence.

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