Rain and Fog Cause 10 Accidents on Highway 17, Drivers Warned of Slippery and Dangerous Road Conditions


There have been 10 crashes on Highway 17 today around the Moody Curve in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They have all been very bad.

The dangerous conditions are made worse by the constant rain, which makes the roads very slippery and unsafe for drivers. The dangerous road goes from Summit Road to Idylwild Road, and sources say that fog makes it even harder to see in the area.

There have been two crashes at Summit, one going north and one going south. This makes drivers even more worried about this tricky stretch of highway. These accidents are a strong warning to drivers that they need to be very careful on this stretch of Highway 17, especially when the weather is bad.

To keep themselves and other drivers on the road safe, the government tells drivers to slow down, increase the space between themselves and the cars ahead of them, and stay alert.

As the situation develops, it is suggested that you keep up with the local officials’ traffic alerts and road conditions. Be careful on the roads and be patient during this bad weather.

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