Google Engineer Charged With Murdering His Wife After Cops Find Him Staring at Her Bloody Body


A guy from California who is an engineer at Google was charged with killing his wife last week after cops found him “staring blankly” at her body with the charges.

In a news statement, the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office said that Liren Chen, who is 27 years old, was arrested last Tuesday when police went to his home in Santa Clara, which is about 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, to check on him.

The wife’s friend called the cops to report that Chen “was refusing to answer his phone or his door,” according to the press statement.

The friend also said that Chen could be seen inside the house. The report said that he was “still on his knees with his hands in the air and was staring blankly.”

When the Santa Clara Police Department arrived, they went into the house and found Chen “splattered with blood” and “with his wife’s body nearby,” according to the charges.

She told them she had “blunt force injuries to her head” and that her right hand was swollen. Chen’s arm was hurt, and blood was on his clothes.

At the scene, they said that his wife was dead.

“Deaths from domestic violence have been going down in our county, but that doesn’t show how bad the violence is,” said District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

Chen has been working as a software engineer at Google’s YouTube Shorts since March 2020, based on what looks like his LinkedIn page. His master’s degree from the University of California, San Diego, was given to him in 2019.

The Santa Clara Police Department did not answer Messenger’s request for more information right away. Google didn’t either.

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