The Poorest Village in New York, New Square Needs More Jobs and Growth


In a 2023 study, New Square, a tiny village in New York, was named the state’s poorest community. This article aims to shed light on New Square’s economic situation and the issues that its citizens confront.

Financial Situation

New Square has the sad distinction of being the poorest neighborhood in New York, owing to a combination of low earnings and a paucity of work possibilities. With a population of 9,433, the town has the lowest median household income in the state, at $24,881, which is substantially lower than the state median.

Poverty Statistics

The Poorest Village in New York, New Square Needs More Jobs and Growth
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At a concerningly high rate, an estimated 60.6% of the populace, or 5,712 individuals, reside in poverty in New Square. This represents the greatest proportion of poverty among all New York municipalities.

Difficulty for Living

The cost of living in New Square is among the lowest in the state, even though the economy is bad. This means that basic things like homes aren’t too expensive for people who live there.


The big differences in the economy of New Square show how unequal the state of New York is. It’s important to stress that these numbers don’t say anything bad about the people who live there or the area’s rich culture and customs.

But they do stress how important it is for places like New Square to get more jobs and economic growth right away.

Policymakers and other important people should put these places at the top of their lists and work to make living conditions better and give residents more chances.

The story of New Square is a powerful warning that New York has some of the richest neighborhoods in the country, as well as neighborhoods that are having a hard time with money.

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