Police: Scammers Target San Diego Residents With Fake Water Quality Tests


A public alert was issued by the San Diego Police Department in response to recent concerns from citizens in the 92113 and 92114 zip codes regarding individuals pretending to be officials of the City of San Diego.

These scam artists have been going door-to-door, pretending to test people’s water supply. The City of San Diego has no connection to these people, and the authorities want it made clear that they should be denied entry right away.

It has been made clear by the City of San Diego that they do not dispatch agents to residences to get water samples for testing.

The official city emblem and identity of authorized workers will always be included on legitimate water quality notices sent by the city.

Police: Scammers Target San Diego Residents With Fake Water Quality Tests

Officials from the city are eager to make sure their constituents are protected, so they might be asked to produce identification and even give their supervisor’s number for verification.

Anyone posing as a City employee should be met with extreme caution and vigilance by residents.

Official documents should always include the city emblem, and you should always ask for identification from everyone you deal with. If you ask the right people in the city, they will gladly cooperate and supply you with the details you need for verification.

In case of suspicion, citizens are strongly encouraged to contact the City immediately to confirm the legality of any given phone number.

The refusal to wait by someone posing as a City official during the verification procedure should be taken seriously as a possible sign of fraud.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious people immediately by the San Diego Police Department. Call 619-531-2000 for non-emergency service at any time, and 619-515-3525 for the Public Utilities Department’s emergency hotline.

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