Multiple Arrests Made After Drug Smuggling Attempts at Three Georgia Prisons


The Georgia Department of Corrections says that many individuals are facing charges after three recent attempts to bring drugs into three Georgia jails in just four days.

The first episode happened at Calhoun State Prison on December 14, when a Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputy found Jamal Jackson and Kaleb Baker, two men who were not inmates, with four black duffle bags near the prison.

Later searches of the bags turned up some illegal items. The statement says that Jackson and Baker were both taken to the Calhoun County Jail.

According to the GDC, the next day a State Trooper met Bennie Houston, who was on probation, and two other people, Adan Cisneros and Dupree Parks, at Rogers State Prison.

Officials say that Cisneros admitted throwing away a chip bag in front of the building earlier that morning. This showed that Houston had dropped off drugs at the UGA Research area.

GDC officials said that security staff found the chip bag, which had two cell phones, charge cords, and five SIM cards inside. There were 1684.7 grams of marijuana found at the UGA Research site. The statement says that Houston, Cisneros, and Parks were arrested and taken to the Tattnall County Jail.

It happened again on December 16 at Baldwin State Prison, where guest Windy Strickland was caught trying to sneak things in while she was there, according to GDC officials.

According to the statement, Strickland set off the metal detector at the front door while she was being processed for a visitor. Three black-taped items were found on her when she agreed to a search.

The statement did not say what was in the packages.

Officials from the GDC say that Strickland was arrested by the Milledgeville Police Department and taken to the Baldwin County Jail.

Officials at GDC stated that

Contraband behind the wire is an ongoing battle inside our facilities. Thanks to our GDC staff and law enforcement partners who work tirelessly as they battle contraband daily! 

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