More Snakes Are Being Seen In Southern Utah. Here’s What You Need To Know


In southern Utah, snakes are more active when the weather gets warmer.

The Washington City Fire Department said that now that spring is here, people who like to be outside should be careful around snakes.

Learn about snakes

WCFD said that Utah is home to many groups and kinds of snakes, some of which are poisonous.

A program called Wild Aware Utah teaches people in Utah about wildlife and how to stay safe around it said that poisonous snakes in Utah have broad, triangular heads with vertical eye pupils. Also, they said that a poisonous snake has heat-sensing “pits” on each side of its head, between its eyes and mouth.

Wild Aware Utah said that most black snakes in Utah have rattles on the end of their tails.

On the other hand, snakes that aren’t poisonous are said to have longer snouts and round eyes.

Wild Aware Utah said, “If you can’t tell from a distance if the snake is poisonous, leave it alone and treat it as if it were poisonous.” “Any snake can become aggressive if it feels threatened.”

Get ready

WCFD said to be aware of your surroundings when you’re outside having fun. They say to stay on roads that a lot of people use and stay away from areas with lots of tall grass, brush, and rocks that snakes might hide in.

“Remember that most Utah snakes are active at night, so it’s less likely that you’ll see one during the day,” WCFD said. Wild Aware Utah says that snakes are most busy in the summer at dawn and dusk.

WCFD said to wear the right clothes, like long pants and thick socks, to avoid getting bitten by snakes.

As you recreate

Wild Aware Utah said to leave a snake alone if you see it while you’re having fun outside because it’s in its natural environment. They said, “Never poke, handle, corner, or bother a snake.”

Wild Aware Utah also said to be careful where you put your feet and before you sit down on the ground, rocks, or logs because snakes like to hide there.

Don’t worry and move quickly

WCFD said to stay relaxed and call 911 right away if you get bitten by a snake.

They said, “Do not move around, put on a tourniquet, cut into the bite, or try to suction the venom.” “While you wait for help, keep the hurt limb still and at or below heart level.”

Wild Aware Utah said that if you get bit, you should treat it like you would a poisonous snakebite. They told us to keep the victim calm, take off any jewelry or clothes that was too tight around the bite, treat the shock if needed, and get medical help right away.

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