Garden State’s Grand Win: New Jersey Claims $1.13 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot


One winning ticket was sold in New Jersey on Tuesday night for the Mega Millions prize, which was worth an estimated $1.13 billion. It was the fifth biggest in the history of the game.

It had been more than three months since someone won the jackpot. The numbers that won on Tuesday were 7, 11, 22, 29, 38, and a Mega Ball 4.

The prize was thought to be the eighth biggest in U.S. lottery history and the fifth biggest in Mega Millions history. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever, $1.602 billion, was won in Florida on August 8, 2017. One ticket was sold there that won. In February 2023, someone in California won the $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot, which was the biggest prize in U.S. lotto history.

If someone wins the jackpot, they can choose to get the money all at once or have it spread out over 30 years and paid out annually. The full jackpot amount is only given to winners who choose the annuity choice. Before taxes, the lump sum amount for Tuesday night’s drawing was thought to be $537.5 million.

Powerball draws happen on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights, while Mega Millions draws happen every Tuesday and Friday night. Even Powerball hasn’t had a jackpot winner yet. As of Tuesday night, the jackpot for that game was thought to be $865 million.

People must match all five white balls plus the yellow Mega Ball to win the Mega Millions prize. If you match some but not all of the chosen numbers, you can win smaller prizes, even as little as $2. It’s 1 in 24 chances to win a Mega Millions prize, but it’s only 1 in 302,575,350 chances to win the jackpot.

Mega Millions tickets can be bought in 45 states plus the U.S. Virgin Islands and Washington, D.C. A regular ticket costs $2, but bonuses can be added for extra money to raise the payout for prizes that aren’t the jackpot.

The jackpot for the next Mega Millions drawing is expected to be $20 million. This is the first jackpot in a run.

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