Long Recovery Ahead For Some In The Path Of Catastrophic Tornadoes In Kentucky And The Central United States


Ohio (AP) — Lake View On Saturday, people in the central U.S. that had storms that killed people were cleaning up, figuring out how bad the damage was, and helping their neighbors. Some parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arkansas were hit by storms that will take a long time to heal from.

Three people died in the Indian Lake area of Ohio’s Logan County on Thursday night; this was one of the worst-hit areas. In one Indiana town, about 40 people were hurt and dozens of homes were damaged. There were also reports of tornadoes in Illinois and Missouri.

Samantha Snipes, 33, said that she told her seven-minute-away father to take cover when she first heard the storm warning. She told The Associated Press that he said he was trying to get into the room in the house where she grew up. The phone then went off.

Their husband and she tried to drive down the main road to get to him, but they were blocked by a storm and had to take the back way.

“It looked like something from a movie, like ‘Twister,'” she said. “My dad’s garage was cleaned up.” His house no longer has a back. It’s like everything is gone.”

They screamed for him and climbed over everything. He told them to stop crying when they found him and wasn’t hurt, she said.

Joe Baker, her dad, always told his kids to hide in the closet in case of a storm.

“This is where we grew up. “It’s like this is our childhood home,” Snipes said as he threw things away and thought about what to keep. “It’s in the news.” You never think it will happen to you, though.”

A minister named Steve Wills owns a vacation home on Orchard Island just down the road. On Saturday, he said he was going to bring a family crew to finish cleaning up and fix a hole in the roof.

“Our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones. There have been three deaths in our area. “That hurts our hearts,” Wills said. “But it could have been a lot more.” “Okay, I still believe.”

They have been very helpful, Snipes said.

Food, clothes, and diapers were being dropped off by the school director on Friday. She said that gas was being turned off house to house on her dad’s street the night of the storm.

“Everyone is safe on this road.” “You know that people have been helping each other,” Snipes said.

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