Funeral Headstone Business Owner Arrested for Preying on Grieving Families


The owner of a local funeral headstone company was arrested for stealing. According to police, she reportedly took advantage of families at their most vulnerable.

On Saturday, San Antonio police detained 47-year-old Elena Moreno, owner of Angelic Monuments, on a theft accusation ranging from $2,500 to $30,000. “The family that was the victim of this case paid in full, and they paid about $8,000 for the headstone that they never received,” said Ricardo Guzman, SAPD’s Public Information Officer.

According to police, Moreno told the family that it could take up to a year to obtain their headstone, but that year has passed.

“So they kept wondering, you know, what’s up with the delays? Officer Guzman stated that they continued to receive excuses from the corporation as to why their headstone was never delivered.

Authorities said the thefts were distressing for the families, who were already struggling with the death of a loved one.

“Especially not being able to receive that closure that they’re waiting for this headstone is frustrating, heartbreaking, but we’re bringing justice for those families,” Officer Guzman told the crowd.

Moreno is already facing a theft charge in connection with one family, but authorities say there could be more.

“We already have multiple victims who have come forward and stated that they are victims of this company.” Again, they did not receive headstones. Officer Guzman stated that those investigations are running concurrently with this one.

Police are encouraging more victims to come forward.

“If someone recognizes this company and says, well, I’m a victim of this company, too. Call the cops. Call a non-emergency number. “Make a report with the officer right away, and it will be forwarded to a property crimes unit, which will investigate this incident,” stated Officer Guzman.

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