Johnson County’s Major Crackdown: 15 Arrested in Narcotics Sweep


Multiple law enforcement agencies concluded a nine-month narcotics investigation in Johnson County by arresting 15 persons for methamphetamine and marijuana trafficking.

“One person will lead you to another (person), and it just keeps rolling downhill,” Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess explained. “As they were serving the warrants and entering a house and making an arrest, they would discover the drugs in

Several agencies were involved in the inquiry, including the Franklin and Greenwood police departments, the Johnson and Marion County sheriff’s offices, the Edinburgh police department, and the United States Marshals Service.

“Narcotics have always been an issue,” Burgess explained. “I remember coming on the agency and doing these types of operations, and it will continue, and you always have to think out of the box to keep your people safe.”

Burgess stated that when people take drugs in his country, it frequently leads to other issues that harm their lives. For example, when narcotics are sold in a town, police report an increase in burglaries and thefts.

“When you have narcotics, you have thefts, and you have burglaries, so that lessens those crimes as well,” Burgess said. “It affects a whole different realm when we do these investigations.”

Burgess stated that the goal of these investigations is to make it obvious that Johnson County law enforcement will not tolerate or enable the sale or use of illegal narcotics in the community.

“if you are going to come down here, we have a great prosecutor, and people are going to prison,” he told the crowd.

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