How a Man in League City Solved His Theft Case by Arranging a Sting With Police-backed Sting After Trailer Theft

Image by: ABC13

LEAGUE CITY, Texas- When a person in League City realized they had been robbed, they set up a sting to catch the thieves.

“I felt like Nancy Drew, I did,” Gage Cattoni said, referring to the famous young detective.

Cattoni began his investigation when he found out that his trailer had been stolen on Wednesday. He says that when he went to Facebook Marketplace, it was for sale for $1,400.

Cattoni sent the seller a message and called the League City Police Department. He videotaped the whole process and gave it to ABC13. The sting was already going.

“The League City cops are all set up. “Look behind you, there are two police cars,” Cattoni told the camera. “Waiting for us to arrive right now.”

The two men met in a parking lot. He took a video of the meeting with his phone in his shirt pocket. After looking at the trailer, he talked to the seller.

“Is this new for you?” He asked Cattoni.

“No,” the man said. “I got it three months ago.”

“A few days ago, someone stole one from my driveway.” Do you know anything about that?” He asked Cattoni.

Around that time, the cops showed up to make an arrest. That was also caught on camera by Cattoni.

He told ABC13, “I think that’s a win for the good guys.” “Couldn’t have gone any better.”

Police named the person they think stole from them as 37-year-old Jeremy Roberts. Police said he was charged with theft and sent to jail.

He got his trailer back in the end.

“This was a victory for everyone who works hard for what they have and feels like they can’t change anything.” I wasn’t going to let that be my story.”

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