Senator from Oregon Uses Kim Kardashian’s Opulent TikTok to Advocate for a Billionaires Income Tax


Kim Kardashian’s “naturally I” TikTok has attracted some attention, perhaps uninvited.

The reality personality and SKIMS executive chose to join the platform’s trend of users showcasing the most clichéd aspects of their lives in a TikTok video that was uploaded on Thursday.

Kardashian also showcased her set of personalized tanning beds in addition to her workplace, which had a large screen showcasing her latest makeup collection, advertising campaigns, and more. In the video, Kim Kardashian states, “It goes without saying that I have a tanning bed and a red light bed in my office.”

Pop Base posted the video and the comment, “Kim Kardashian flexing all her office amenities in new TikTok,” on X, a platform that was originally Twitter.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, saw it. Kardashian’s video was uploaded by him along with the words, “It’s time for my billionaire’s income tax.”

Similar thoughts were expressed by Public Citizen, who shared the video along with the comment, “Can we please just tax the rich already?”

In 2021, Wyden put forward his initial proposal for the Billionaires Income Tax. In late November 2023, he and fifteen other Senate colleagues presented the Billionaires Income Tax Act. It will “ensure billionaires start paying their fair share in taxes,” according to the Democrat from Oregon.

Wyden’s economic advisor Madison Moskowitz added to Kardashian’s display of riches. “Imagine if, instead of decking out Kim Kardashian’s office billions [of dollars] went to homeless services providers trying to keep unhoused people alive in freezing winter storms,” she said in a post.

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