Here Are the 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Nevada


Nevada has a lot of different kinds of people and cultures, and that includes its food. There is great Mexican food nearby if you want to eat something real and tasty.

There are some of the best Mexican places in the country in Nevada. They serve food from all over Mexico. Nevada has everything you could want for food, whether it’s tacos, burritos, tamales, or something strange.

Here are five of Nevada’s best Mexican places that you should check out.

1. El Dorado Cantina

The El Dorado Cantina, which is next to the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, is a secret gem in Las Vegas. If you look at the site, you might not believe that this restaurant is family-friendly and serves organic and non-GMO food from nearby fields.

On its menu, El Dorado Cantina serves food from different parts of Mexico, like Oaxaca, Yucatan, and Baja. Mole poblano, cochinita pibil, and crab ceviche are some of the highlights. They also have happy hour deals, and live music, and can serve your event.

2. Mi Casa Grill Cantina

Mi Casa Grill Cantina is a cozy and laid-back Reno restaurant that serves traditional Mexican food with a modern twist. For meals that are both tasty and filling, chef Israel Aguilar uses fresh, local products.

It’s possible to get huevos rancheros, tortas, fajitas, and tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Mi Casa Grill Cantina. You can also try their famous cocktails, which are made with top-notch tequila and fresh fruit.

3. Viva Zapatas Mexican Restaurant

The North Las Vegas restaurant Viva Zapatas Mexican Restaurant is fun and lively, and the Mexican food they serve is real and fun.

There are bright paintings, sombreros, and flags all over the restaurant, which also has a large patio and a full bar. The menu at Viva Zapatas Mexican Restaurant has food from Puebla, Nayarit, and Guerrero, among other parts of Mexico.

Here is the 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Nevada

Mole poblano, pescado zarandeado, and barbacoa are some of the best dishes. They also have fun things to do, like singing, live bands, and DJ nights.

4. Bertha Miranda’s Mexican Restaurant

Bertha Miranda’s Mexican Restaurant is a landmark in Reno, that has been offering traditional Mexican food since 1984.

Bertha Miranda, the owner, is from Chihuahua, Mexico, and she brings her love of cooking and skill to her restaurant. The food at Bertha Miranda’s Mexican Restaurant comes from different parts of Mexico, like Chihuahua, Sonora, and Veracruz.

Some of the specialties include menudo, chiles rellenos, and flautas. They also have a dance bar, a place for banquets, and catering services.

5. Los Compadres

Los Compadres is an eatery in Carson City that has been serving real Mexican food since 1999. It is owned and run by a family. Jose and Maria are the owners.

They are from Jalisco, Mexico, and they bring their recipes and customs to the restaurant. The menu at Los Compadres has food from different parts of Mexico, like Sinaloa, Michoacán, and Jalisco.

People like the carne asada, chile verde, and pozole. Apart from daily deals, they also offer dining and live mariachi music.


Many Mexican restaurants in Nevada serve food with tastes from different parts of Mexico. From the lively atmosphere at Viva Zapatas in North Las Vegas to the healthy food at El Dorado Cantina in Las Vegas, these places are all about being real.

There is a modern twist at Reno’s Mi Casa Grill Cantina, and classic treats can be found at Bertha Miranda’s Mexican Restaurant, which has been a Reno landmark since 1984. In Carson City, Los Compadres has a real family feel to it.

People can enjoy original meals and learn about real Mexican culture at these places that show off the country’s rich culinary history.

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