Here Are Three Amazing Burger Joints in Grand Prairie You Need to Try


Take a culinary trip through Grand Prairie, Texas, with us as we show you the three best burgers in the city. Each one is a masterpiece in its own right. Grand Prairie’s burger scene is a blend of flavors that captures the essence of Texas food, from juicy patties to delicious toppings.

Come with us on a tasty adventure as we visit local restaurants that turn the simple burger into a gourmet treat. Whether you live in Grand Prairie and want to find a new favorite restaurant or you’re just visiting and want to try the local food, these burgers will give you a taste of the city’s heart and soul.

1. Jakes

  • Address: Grand Prairie, TX 75052, 2860 State Highway 161 Ste 180
  • Phone number (469) 436-3525
  • Desc: Burgers and a beer bar

Jake’s Burgers in Grand Prairie has a casual vibe that’s great for eating with family or friends. They are famous for their fresh, never-frozen beef burgers, but they also serve a lot of other food, like a great breakfast and avocado toast.

The diner looks like a sports bar but is also good for families. It has a full bar with many beers. Jake’s Burgers is a must-see for all burger lovers and a favorite among locals. The service is friendly and helpful, and the location is great—right across the road from Chicken n Pickle.

2. Jimmy’s Burgers

  • Address: 713 E Jefferson St, Grand Prairie, TX 75051 
  • Phone: (469) 610-5177
  • Desc: Burgers, American food, and sandwiches

This secret gem is known for its incredibly tasty and perfectly seasoned burgers. It’s tucked away in a somewhat dangerous neighborhood. The Texas Big Burger is their specialty dish. It’s a big, juicy treat that needs two hands and several napkins. The building looks more like a dirty bar than a burger place, but the food, like wings and fried catfish, is worth the trip.

The place has a surprising number of different kinds of burgers, even though it looks plain from the outside and smells musty inside. Service is also quick. People who come to visit also really like the fries. You should expect to pay a lot and park in a small space, though.

3.  Mixed Up Burgers

  • Address: 510 E Avenue K, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
  • Phone: (972) 606-6700
  • Desc: Burgers, hot dogs, and sports bars

A hidden gem of a diner called Mixed Up Burgers can be found in a simple strip mall. It offers a unique, casual eating experience. The restaurant is famous for its great burgers with seasonings mixed into the meat. They also serve a variety of snacks, such as corn nuggets and fried mushrooms. The mood is country and laid-back, and the arcade games make it even more fun.

The staff is very friendly and the service is quick. The place might not be spotless, but the food and the experience as a whole make it worth going. You’ll remember your trip there because the food is real and the atmosphere is friendly.


Our list of the three best burger places in Grand Prairie, Texas, will take you on a tasty tour of the city. Every restaurant we visit gives the standard burger a new twist that makes it a work of art in the kitchen.

Grand Prairie’s burger scene is varied and tasty, with places like Jake’s that are relaxed and good for families, Jimmy’s which are secret gems in strange neighborhoods, and Mixed Up Burgers which has its unique take on seasoning. With these burger places, you’re sure to have a great time in Grand Prairie, whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite spot or a tourist eager to try Texas tastes.

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