A Hot Dog Lover’s Guide to Maine: Five Places to Try


Begin a delicious trip through the beautiful state of Maine, discovering its hidden culinary gems that honor one of America’s favorite classics: the hot dog. Maine has many hot dog spots that change the way people think about this famous treat. They can be found in both small coastal towns and busy city centers.

Enjoy unique tastes, creative toppings, and local twists that show off the cooking talent of the state. Come with us as we explore the charm of Maine’s best hot dog spots, each of which offers a unique experience that showcases the state’s rich culinary history. Get ready to enjoy the classic taste of Maine’s best hot dogs!

1. Courtney’s Hotdogs in Winslow

Courtney’s Hotdogs is the place to go in Winslow, Maine, if you want a tasty hot dog. They’ve been open since 1997 and serve a range of foods, including chili cheese and loaded hot dogs. They serve the dogs Tuesday through Saturday, with some limited hours on Saturday. The dogs can come with or without buns.

Address: 26 ME-100, Winslow, ME 04901

2. Wasses Hot Dogs in Rockland

Would you like a cheap lunch in Rockland, Maine? Wasses Hot Dogs might be the place for you. There are lots of tasty fresh peanut oil-based treats on the menu at this cute little hotel. The prices are fair, and the service is quick and helpful.

People in the area love the hot dogs because they’re so tasty. Wasses Hot Dogs has four sites along the mid-coast of Maine. The first one is in Rockland. Their “Wrasses Special” is a popular choice for a quick lunch, and the menu has fried onion, mustard, and relish.

Address: 2 N Main St, Rockland, ME 04841

3. Simones’ World Famous Hot Dogs in Lewiston

Simones’ World Famous Hot Dogs is a great place to eat that you should visit. They’re a classic in the area and have been around since 1989. Jimmy and Linda Simone, the owners, have kept the food traditional while also making changes to it to meet the needs of the city as it has grown.

People know Simones for its hot dogs, but the restaurant has a lot more to offer. During the summer, the stand also offers tasty breakfast foods and snacks, such as lobster rolls. It’s a famous spot in the area and has a great vibe.

Address: 99 Chestnut St, Lewiston, ME 04240

4. The Family Dog in Orono

The Family Dog has something for everyone and is popular with college students at the University of Maine. On top of that, it has a standard Vienna beef Chicago-style dog and a Detroit Coney Island dog.

This tiny restaurant serves Shain’s of Maine ice cream and drinks, as well as microbrews. The Xolo (pronounced Sholo) is a popular choice. It has their Avocado Salsa Spread, pepper jack cheese, crisp chopped lettuce, and Cajun mayo on top.

Address: 6 Mill St., Orono, ME 04473

5. Flo’s Hot Dogs in Cape Neddick.

Cape Neddick’s first hot dog stand started in 1959 and served simple wieners with a sweet sauce made in-house. Since then, it has been a big deal in the area. You can still find the same tasty food in the same place. Flo’s Hot Dogs in Cape Neddick keeps up the practice of serving great food in a unique space.

Flo’s Hot Dogs in Cape Nordick is run by three generations of women. Even though it can be hard to run a hot dog stand with family, the business is still run by the family. The stand is run by Gail Stacy, her daughter Kim Coleman, and their mother-in-law Flo Coleman. The first worker was their grandma Flo, and the business was run by her mother-in-law Flo. Flo left behind a lot of things that Gail and Kim are now taking care of.

Address: 1359 US-1, Cape Neddick, ME 03902


Embark on a tasty journey through the scenic state of Maine, where hot dog stands to reinvent the traditional dish. From Courtney’s Hotdogs in Winslow to Wasses Hot Dogs in Rockland, Simones’ World Famous Hot Dogs in Lewiston, The Family Dog in Orono, and Flo’s Hot Dogs in Cape Neddick, each location adds its spin on this famous meal.

With distinct tastes, inventive toppings, and a long culinary history, Maine’s hot dog stands offer a savory adventure for those looking for the ideal balance of tradition and innovation. Savor the classic flavor of Maine’s best hot dogs.

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