Here Are the Best Burgers Spots in Midland, TX You Must Try in 2024


Come into Midland, Texas’ culinary scene, where the sizzling, tantalizing aroma of properly grilled burgers entices burger lovers. Midland has a diverse range of restaurants, from historic diners to modern spots, each with its take on the quintessential American burger.

Join us on a tasty journey through the Best Burgers in Midland, TX, where juicy patties meet inventive toppings and flavors. Whether you want a traditional, no-frills burger or an adventurous twist, Midland’s burger scene promises a delectable voyage through char-grilled greatness, highlighting the city’s lively and diversified culinary landscape.

For the Classic Cravers

  • Bob’s Better Burger: This local favorite has a devoted following, with patrons talking about “absolutely the best hamburgers in the United States.” Their menu includes both basic burger creations and gourmet selections, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Murray’s Restaurant & Deli: This American diner provides a straightforward “hamburger on a bun” experience, ideal for those looking for a basic and satisfying burger fix.
  • Main Street Diner: This diner-style eatery offers a traditional burger experience, gaining acclaim for its deliciousness and the title of “best burgers in town” from several reviews.

For the Gourmet Burger Enthusiast

  • Dead End Food Shack: This hidden gem has a near-perfect rating and rave testimonials like “best burger I’ve had in a long while.” They serve gourmet burgers with unusual flavor combinations that will entice curious palates.
  • Riley’s Bar & Grill: This upmarket grill delivers high-quality burgers with fresh ingredients and inventive toppings. Their menu appeals to those looking for a more premium burger experience.

For the Budget-conscious Burger Lover

  • Texas Burger: This informal cafe serves a wide range of burgers at reasonable costs, making it a good choice for a quick and fulfilling meal.
  • M&M’s Carnival Foods Food Truck: This popular food truck serves great and reasonably priced burgers, getting high praise for both quality and affordability.

Hidden Gems

  • The Half Acre: This restaurant, known for its “best-chopped beef sandwiches,” provides a unique twist on the burger experience, ideal for those looking for something different.
  • Big E’s X-press: This restaurant, known for its curbside pickup, provides a convenient method to eat a delicious and highly rated burger.

Beyond the Bun

While burgers take center stage, Midland provides other notable options:

  • El buen paladar: This restaurant serves a broad menu, including burgers and other Latin American meals.
  • Tanks’ Barbecue & Catering: While largely known for its barbecue, Tanks’s also serves a well-regarded burger.


Indulge at Midland, Texas’ gastronomic gems, where the seductive aroma of properly grilled burgers entices fans. Discover the different restaurants forming the city’s burger landscape, catering to classic desires, gourmet fans, budget-conscious diners, and those looking for hidden gems. Midland’s burger scene offers a delightful experience, representing the city’s vibrant culinary diversity, whether you choose a classic or experiment with new flavors.

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